Corefy’s summary of 2021: looking back at the major milestones

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Corefy’s summary of 2021: looking back at the major milestones

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Chances are, the place you’re in is now filled with the scent of tangerines and coniferous trees, and your feed on social media is full of your friends’ year-in-reviews. Well, we’re about to add another yearly summary to this procession, as we’d like to stay on the same page with everyone who cares about what we do. All the year, we’ve shared our monthly roundups to increase transparency and keep you updated, but this time we’ll take a helicopter view of the whole year, focusing on our most prominent milestones. Grab some cocoa and get comfortable ☕

Kudos to the team

Let’s start by giving a pat on the back to the enablers of all the achievements we’re about to list today — our team.

2021 corefy team

The team is and always has been the biggest value for Corefy. We feel like we’re all one big family, and our daily office life resembles the Christmas rush at McCallisters. Similarly to this famous family, it gets increasingly difficult to count us. But our HR Managers do this like pros, and they say there’s currently 75 of us, and we keep hiring. To give you some context, we’ve ended 2019 with a team of 30 and grew to 50 wonderful people in 2020. It seems like robust growth is now a tradition for our team!

Together, these talented people pursue their efforts to develop the most connected payment platform in the world and provide our global clients with the highest level of service. To everyone at Corefy who reads it: you rock, guys! Thanks for all the help, support, and milestones we’ve reached together. We’re particularly proud of our R&D office hitting the rating of the best IT employers in Ukraine.

This year, we decided the world should know its heroes and started introducing our team members on our “officially informal” Instagram. Go see our faces, workplaces, and some behind-the-scenes stuff!

How our platform evolved

In June, Corefy was recognised as one of the top 7 best cloud payment solutions by PayTech Awards 2021. Throughout a year, we’ve made hundreds of tweaks and upgrades on our platform, both evolutionary and minor ones. Summarising the year, we’d like to focus on the most notable of them:

  • The number of ready-made integrations on our platform exceeded 150. It happened just ten months after we announced a 100 connections milestone, meaning that during 2021 we managed to expand our pool by more than 50%. With this news, we cemented our status as one of the biggest payment hubs in Europe.
  • We were officially accepted to Google’s community of gateways and payment processors supporting the Google Pay API. Having directly integrated Google Pay, a solution that accounts for 31% of all mobile payments, we’re now featured in Google Pay’s list of participating processors.
  • Added the support for 3DS2 to our API and updated integrations with every payment provider on our platform.
  • We developed the External Provider protocol that allows payment providers that don’t have public API to bring their services to market through it.
  • Implemented the financial logic for chargebacks. Now, if the payment provider can inform about the chargeback via API, we synchronise transaction status and inform the merchant that the chargeback occurred.
  • Our platform can now generate customisable receipts for both payments and payouts, with an opportunity to sign the receipt with a digital signature tailored to the needs of the Ukrainian market.
  • We added processing support for OTP payment flow, allowing our clients to enable it on their payment pages in their design.
  • Created our own unique Checkout design for crypto invoicing.
  • Expanded the routing capabilities of card gateway, adding more routing parameters and attributes.
  • Added an opportunity to enable or disable payments and payouts for a particular customer.
  • Our team worked a lot on improving the UX of the Dashboard and Merchant portal, focusing on self-descriptiveness and informativeness.

Get more information on each of these points by checking out our Release Notes. A couple of other major updates are currently in the works, so stay tuned for the announcements!

Our journey as a business

At the beginning of 2021, our offices were humming like a swarm of bees. Our teammates have been preparing for the rebranding and the rollout of our new website, taking place simultaneously in February. So, 2021 is the first year of us being known as Corefy and having an elaborate website full of interactivity.

A good sign of the worthwhileness of our evolutionary changes was that WEB AWARDS UA named the best website of 2021 in the “Finance, Banking, and Insurance” category. We worked hard on this website, and it’s delightful to witness the recognition of our efforts. Still, our primary purpose is to make your experience with outstanding, so we keep tweaking and growing it.

One of the reasons behind the rebranding was our aspiration to grow and expand internationally, unifying the payment world. This year, we’ve significantly progressed in this regard. In July, we opened the regional office for APAC in Manila, the Philippines, and welcomed new teammates. And just two weeks ago, our new office in Herzliya, Israel, opened its doors. The APAC office is dedicated to business development and support in the region. The focal points of our Israeli branch are cooperation with tech companies and the implementation of joint activities.

We carefully selected these two locations aiming to get a major boost from the expansion. Manila is among the top 100 cities of the world in terms of the fintech ecosystem. The city’s positive growth momentum equips it for becoming one of the key fintech markets in APAC. In its turn, Israel ranks third in the Global Startup Ecosystem Index and represents a go-to business destination, with excellent connectivity, technological infrastructure, and a supportive business ecosystem.

Still, our expansion doesn’t stop here, and we’re currently negotiating a new point on our map.

Besides the Philippines and Israel, in 2021, we set foot in Portugal, Malta, Spain, UAE, and some other countries to attend the industry’s best events. The list includes Money20/20, Web Summit, SBC Summit, Forex Expo, SiGMA World’s Gaming Festival, TES Affiliate Conference, iForum, and many others. We also joined the Ukraine Trade Mission to the UK, striving to support the initiative to strengthen collaboration between Ukrainian and British businesses. In September, we even held our own event, gathering industry experts in our R&D office to discuss the trends and prospects of the payment business.

psm awards 2021 corefy

The end of the year pleased us with amazing news. Corefy has been awarded the Bronze in the Best fintech startup nomination at PaySpace Magazine Awards 2021. The event takes place annually, looking to determine the most innovative and trusted fintech market leaders based on consumers’ preferences, industry experts, and the editorial team. This time, 285 companies participated in the Awards. We want to express our gratitude to everyone who took part in the voting process — without your support we would never have taken the stage as winners. You inspire us to reach new heights!

So, it all was our 2021, and it was a blast. Here’s to this wonderful year, to each one of you scenting our days with care and faith, and to the good times ahead! 🥂

With love and appreciation,
Corefy’s team

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