Corefy’s 2023: a wrap-up of our achievements

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Corefy’s 2023: a wrap-up of our achievements

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As we bid farewell to 2023, it's a cherished tradition for our team to reflect on the remarkable journey we've had, highlighting some of the most significant milestones.

Join us in revisiting the fulfilling accomplishments that have shaped our 2023 – a year filled with growth, challenges met, and triumphs celebrated!

Top product updates

This year, our Development team implemented dozens of technical updates and upgrades, enhancing our platform’s functionality and performance.

Here are some highlights of the most remarkable ones.

⭐ Firewall. Understanding the challenges that most merchants face, we developed the Firewall, our anti-fraud solution, which can interact with external third-party scoring and other fraud prevention services to make more accurate transaction decisions. By using the service, our clients build their own anti-fraud strategy that is fully manageable and scalable.

During our internal research, we discovered that even a delay of 0.05 seconds in transferring data to an external antifraud system reduces conversion rates. That’s why we developed our own antifraud service capable of protecting our clients' transactions at all levels without sacrificing conversion.
Denys Kyrychenko
Co-founder & CEO

⭐ Apple Pay H2H interaction. This feature empowered our merchants to seamlessly integrate the Apple Pay button into their website, eliminating the hassle of redirecting their customers paying via Apple Pay to external payment pages.

⭐ Card bindings (Featured merchant account for card). Here’s how it works: if a transaction is successful through a specific MID, the system automatically binds the card to that MID and assigns it the highest priority in the payment routing scheme. By using card bindings, our clients are significantly reducing the number of declined payments and increasing their conversion rates.

⭐ Multiple refunds. By implementing this feature, we empowered our merchants to subsequently initiate multiple refunds on various sums from one invoice to the same card via the same channel.

The fees for processing a refund with certain providers are lower than that of a payout. Thus, forex brokers often use this trick to make payouts and save costs on transaction processing.
Lead Customer Success Manager at Corefy

⭐ Taxes (VAT). This feature allows our clients to include VAT amounts in invoices prior to fee calculation, effortlessly selecting the desired currencies and specifying the applicable VAT category for their goods or services.

⭐ Number of routing condition attributes exceeded 100. The available payment routing attributes, including one of our clients’ favourite ones – metadata attribute, allow our clients to configure custom routes for their transactions based on their niche specificity and business needs.

Step by step, we’re moving towards our aim of becoming the most connected payment platform in the world. This year, our Integrations team has implemented 250+ various payment solutions and integrations and made more than 1000 upgrades and updates of the existing ones.

We are nearing the mark of 400 ready-made integrations with payment providers.

Networking & collaboration with clients

This year, we’ve implemented many process improvements in the work of our Customer Success team to better meet the needs of our clients, including the launch of a new customer support line. Also, we actively worked to help clients achieve their business goals - we resolved more than 7,000 requests.

Our 2023 was full of amazing opportunities to showcase Corefy, engage with industry leaders, and meet our clients from across the globe.

Our representatives were actively corefying around the globe, visiting ICE London, Forex Traders Summit in Dubai, iFX EXPO Asia and iFX EXPO International, TES Affiliate Conferences, iGB L!VE in Amsterdam, ASEAN Gaming Summit, Enablers Breakfast Forum at Visa HQ, SiGMA Asia in Manila, SiGMA Europe, and SPiCE Philippines.

We believe that the upcoming year will be action-packed, and to that end, our team is eagerly preparing for the ICE London event scheduled for February 2024. See you there!

Payment agenda

Spring 2023 was marked by the launch of our educational podcast and webinar series ‘Payment Agenda’. It’s a great opportunity for us to meet industry specialists, engage in interesting conversations with them, and share insights with you.

We’ve already released 5 episodes of Payment Agenda. If you haven't had the chance to watch them yet, now is the perfect time:

First-ever payment comics

We have created the world's first payment comic book in collaboration with our Lead Product Architect. This story uncovers how payments work in the funniest way possible.

Have you already got acquainted with Mr. Baker? We hope so! If not, please, follow the link and check it out: ‘Mr. Baker’s adventures in the world of payments’.


In 2023, our team celebrated the addition of over 30 new specialists, expanding Corefamily by 7%. We bolstered our Product, Development, Marketing, and HR teams with exceptionally talented individuals.

Despite a year filled with hard work, we made sure not to miss any opportunities for relaxation, communication, and enjoyable activities. During the summer, we organised a revitalising team-building event that brought our dedicated team closer together. Also, our team members showcased their skills and competitive spirit at a lively Ukrainian-style party featuring contests and workshops. Naturally, our dynamic team couldn't resist incorporating adrenaline-pumping team-building activities into the mix. Our recent karting racing adventure was a fantastic experience, fostering a sense of unity through the thrill of competition and shared victories. Here's to more exciting endeavours and successes in the future!

As the New Year approaches, it symbolises a unique opportunity for self-reflection and the pursuit of new beginnings. Perhaps, your new chapter could involve exploring career opportunities within our company. Follow the link and explore the available positions. If our aspirations align, let’s embark on a rewarding 2024 journey together!

Happy holidays

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each team member for their dedication and to every client for choosing and trusting us. May the new year be adorned with joy, warmth, and the pursuit of new accomplishments!

Have a joyous holiday season,

your Corefy Team ❄️

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