Corefy's year in review: what we achieved in 2022

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Corefy's year in review: what we achieved in 2022

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As one of the most challenging years for many draws to a close, we'd like to summarise the key milestones and share the progress Corefy's team made this year.

Please grab a cup of a warm drink, and let's take a look back at some of our most fulfilling achievements of 2022.

Unifying the payment world

The best starting point is our path towards our vision — unifying the payment world. Aiming to become the most connected payment platform in the world, we've never stopped working on new integrations with payment providers and acquirers.

Today, we have 276 ready-made integrations on our platform. This year alone, we've established 126 new connections, meaning that one new integration went live on our platform every three days. Moreover, our developers set a new record in November, rolling out 1+ integration daily, resulting in 34 new ones per month.

Some other significant milestones in this regard are the Apple Pay direct flow (token decryptor) and the Telegram Bot Payments addon.

Besides, we kept expanding our network of payment partners, gaining about 400+ new partnerships with payment providers this year.

Developing our platform & new products

Aside from integrations, our Development team made countless upgrades and improvements to the platform and launched some new features. Here are the platform highlights:

  • Firewall rollout. Our new fraud prevention tool includes a decision tree based on a rule engine, static attributes, and lists that merchants can obtain from third-party platforms or create themselves. Aside from Firewall, we rolled out other security updates, such as improving the Activity log, implementing Signatures for all API endpoints, and reCAPTCHA on the Merchant portal.
  • Card processing upgrades. The key ones are the implementation of 3DS 2.0 for Google Pay and Apple Pay, dynamic 6/8-digit card BIN (IIN) processing, and an opportunity to hide real ACS URLs for H2H merchants and a user reference page (merchant website) for the acquirer and issuer.
  • Payment & Payout schemes improvements. We extended routing opportunities by adding 30+ new attributes and enhanced the management of schemes. Clients can now swap branches, shift them down, and add new rules inside the large scheme.
  • New checkout flows and custom HPPs (hosted payment pages). We designed new invoicing checkouts for card transfer, bank transfer, QR-code flow, and DeepLinks for Mobile. Our out-of-the-box HPP now supports more localisations. Besides, we built more than 20 custom payment pages tailored to the look and feel of our clients' websites.

And we can't go on without mentioning a major Batch payouts mechanics upgrade (revised required attributes, new filters, item search, the ability to create and manage items via UI), Provider hub tweaks (improved account management, masked credentials, etc.), and the launch of Business day closure addon.

Serving our clients

Corefy is committed to adding value to our clients, so most of these updates were client-driven. In 2022, we processed over 2500 requests from our clients. Recently, we've launched a Telegram Bot to facilitate communication with clients and empower them to reach us on the go. We're grateful for all the warm client feedback we received this year.

In 2022, 3 out of 5 largest Forex brokers worldwide became our clients. Principal members of Visa and Mastercard use Corefy as a gateway for card-acquiring services. We also have companies from the gambling industry's top 20 on board.

Expanding and networking

At the beginning of 2022, our new office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, opened its doors. The new location made it easier for us to deliver our services to the Nordic countries.

This new point on the map became the fifth global location for Corefy. We're now represented in the United Kingdom, Ukraine, the Philippines, Israel, and the Netherlands.

Still, this year's business trips were wider than travelling between offices. We attended conferences and exhibitions for payment, gambling, e-commerce, and entertainment industries. We enjoyed productive networking at iFX Expo, SiGMA, Money 20/20 Europe, iGB Live!, G2E Asia 2022, and DMEXCO.

We've also arranged more than 20 live meetings with our clients across five countries. In the age of remote digital communication, in-person meetings were a pleasure!

Here's the summary of our trips in one image.

Enjoying the recognition

This year, we were delighted to receive some recognition for all the work on the platform. Namely, Corefy was shortlisted as one of the best cloud payments solutions at PayTech Awards 2022 and received the UK Enterprise Award as the Payment Solution of 2022 🏆

Besides, Denys Kyrychenko, Corefy CEO & Co-founder, has been included in the list of London's 101 Most Impressive & Successful CEOs in the Enterprise Software Space.

These days, the voting at the PaySpace Magazine Awards continues, where Corefy has three nominations:

If you'd like to support us, you can follow the links above and cast your votes until December 30. Thanks for believing in us!

Standing with Ukraine

The circumstances in which our team worked in 2022 multiplied the value of all this year's achievements. With part of the team residing in Ukraine and our R&D office located in Kyiv, russian invasion of Ukraine switched the company's focus towards protecting the local team.

Luckily, we didn't have to worry about the platform's health, as it is fully equipped to provide uninterrupted services to our clients worldwide at all times. So, it took a few days to ensure the safety of the Ukrainian team and adapt to working in these challenging times. These days we keep taking care of each other and helping when needed. Besides, we've recently made our office in Kyiv blackout-proof by installing a generator and Starlink.

Thanks to the uninterrupted work of our teammates globally and the platform's stability, the company was able not just to keep working to support the economy but also donate over 1,1 million hryvnias. We transferred part of this amount to the charitable foundation Come back alive to support Ukrainian Armed Forces in the first days of the war. The other part went to the NEST initiative by the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation to provide a modular house to a family who lost their home due to the war.

Words of gratitude

This year, I am very grateful to everyone with whom we were together on this journey to the new Us, new Team and Company, and the new World we're building together. Let's find within ourselves a 'sword' forged by love, inspiration, work, and faith.

Denys Kyrychenko, Co-founder & CEO

We want to thank every teammate for their work and every client for their choice and trust. Let the New Year be marked by the triumph of good over evil and filled with happiness, warmth, and new achievements!

Happy holidays from the Corefy team ❄️

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