Corefy is in the top 100 IT employers: what’s it like to work with us

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Corefy is in the top 100 IT employers: what’s it like to work with us

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We are excited to share that Corefy’s R&D office hit the rating of the best IT employers in Ukraine!

The prominent media outlet conducted the anonymous survey in collaboration with one of the country’s leading hiring platforms They’ve sampled 13K+ employees from 123 IT companies to determine which one is the best place to work.

The employees had to rate the companies, reacting to the following criteria on a scale from “strongly agree” (50 points) to “completely disagree” (10 points):

  • I am proud to tell others that I work for this company.
  • The company creates a good workspace. For instance, this is a comfortable workplace with a great lounge, enough light, and a comfortable temperature.
  • We take care of each other.
  • People celebrate special events here.
  • I am offered training and development to strengthen my expertise.

We are sure our employees made this achievement possible, expressing their love and support for our company. And we want everyone to know that this love is mutual.

Why do people choose us?

We are profoundly convinced that employees and teamwork are the keys to success. That’s why we try to provide maximum comfort at workplaces — ergonomic chairs, adjustable desks, and modern office equipment.

One of the essential parts of our corporate culture is communication. Our team leads conduct regular meetings and 1-on-1s to improve each team’s and employee’s performance and share feedback. Once a month our gradually growing team gathers in our disco hall to share the achievements and plans for the next month.

Of course, we like spending time not only working together. Right in the office disco hall employees can have rest and play ping-pong. Last year we had our internal ping-pong championship.

We often organise BBQs parties right in the office on our rooftop terrace with breathtaking views. Our BBQ burgers deserve special notice — our employees are in raptures from them.

We welcome all the initiatives! Sometimes we play paintball, go cycling, SUPing, and rafting together.

Our team is full of brainy talents. We value each idea and move towards success together. Each employee at Corefy has the opportunity to decide when to start their working day to maintain the life and work balance and avoid burnout.

Here is what awaits our teammates:

  • Comfy green office. We have lots of flowerpots in each room, and some even have names.
  • No dress code. You can wear whatever you want if it helps you feel more comfortable at your workplace. Crocodile Kigurumi, for instance, is totally OK.
  • Open-door policy. Our office is open 24/7 for you. You can invite your friends here too.
  • Corporate events & parties. We like spending time together.
  • Low hierarchy & friendly management. We maintain family-like relations in our teams.
  • Rooftop terrace on the 25th floor. Here you can have a break from work, take photos of breathtaking sunsets or even meditate.
  • Corporate presents. When preparing birthday and workaversary gifts for employees, we always take an individual approach, focusing on a person’s interests.
  • Language classes. We learn Spanish and master our English.
  • Training & field-oriented literature. We try to keep up with the constantly changing industry environment through webinars, books, and training.
  • Minimum viable bureaucracy. We try to reduce paperwork and solve all the issues swiftly.

Recruitment process at Corefy

After our HR department reviews and screens CVs, the hiring process is held in five steps. Here they are:

  1. A brief interview with our HR manager.
  2. Interview with your future team lead.
  3. Final interview with CEO.
  4. Job offer.
  5. Onboarding!

We are actively developing and expanding our CoreFamily. You can check for the available positions here. Welcome to our team!

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