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Corefy APIs

Basic principles

We offer a great deal of payment products and services, each with its own options and possibilities. Before you get started there are a few things you really need to know in order to get the integration in place that fits best with your needs.

Get the answers straight:

Which payment products do you want to offer your customers?

The Corefy platforms offer the widest range of payment methods of any payment service provider, from global card processing to specialized local payment products your world wide audience likes best. Have a look at the options we provide. View all our payment methods →

Do you want to handle sensitive credit card information yourself?

Our platform offers SDKs and the Hosted Payment Pages that make sure you won’t have to bother with sensitive information.

Do you want to host your payment services yourself or let us take care of hosting?

You can either build your payment pages yourself using our JavaScript or Native mobile SDKs on our Commerce Public API, or let us completely handle this for you through our Hosted Payment Pages. Which of these options is best in your case depends on your specific needs, and we're happy to advise.

Accept Payments

Payment Form

With Corefy, you can build a payments flow that gives you and your customers the power of choice. Collect payment information quickly and securely, create charges server-side in over 150 currencies, or accept payments from a host of additional payment methods, including 3-D Secure, Apple Pay, and SEPA.

Read about our integration methods below, then choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Make Payouts

Mass payout

Many companies leverage Corefy Payouts to please their customers with timely payouts, while reducing the costs associated with managing multiple payout solutions. Integrate mass payout functionality directly in your existing system and gain time back to focus on building your business.

Build mass payouts right into your platform, cut out manual processes, and add time and peace of mind back into your work day.

Corefy delivers the best global payout experience. You know your business and what it takes to succeed. We understand the complex world of global payouts and we know what it takes to deliver an outstanding experience.

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Full API References

Full card details API

We offer several RESTful APIs: A server API which is used by the merchants in a server-to-server setup and a client API which is used by clients like desktops, laptops, mobile phones and other internet connected devices. For both APIs we offer a detailed API reference that lists all the functionalities and how to use them.

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Corefy offers SDKs that wrap the RESTful API and make it even easier to integrate with our platform. The SDK you need depends on your server-side technology stack and on the clients that you want to support. Whether you're processing payments on desktop or on mobile, our software development kits give you the freedom to build your own custom integration.

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Shopping carts

Shopping carts

Our payment gateway is integrated with many popular shopping cart platforms. Get up and running quickly, processing online payments with an ecommerce plugin.

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