rebrands to Corefy for growth and expansion

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Starting today, we leave our brand name behind and become Corefy, with a neat new website full of interactivity. We’re thrilled to flaunt our updated brand identity. Though we remain the same entity with the same platform and team behind it, today’s aesthetic change reflects our evolution and is built upon months of hard work. Continue reading to find out the reasons behind this change, what Corefy means and what this rebranding entails.

Why rebranding?

As Winston Churchill once said,

To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to change often.

Founded in 2018, has been continuously evolving, launching new products and features and attracting more clients. We grew tremendously from 34 million successfully processed transactions in 2019 to over 106 million in 2020. That’s how we realised had outgrown its name. We aren’t just a gateway anymore, and our feature-rich platform is capable of adding much more value to businesses than just helping them handle payments and payouts. Moreover, though 2020 was a challenging year, we’ve managed not only to stay afloat but to double our team, enter Scandinavian markets, establish dozens of new connections and significantly enrich our list of features. It feels like rebranding is the final step of our transition to a prosperous self-sustained business and the pinnacle of a fruitful year.

Why Corefy?

What we’ve carried through all these achievements and changes were our core values and goals. We aspire to unify the payment world and become the most integrated payment platform around the globe. Bearing this aim in mind, we came up with an analogy of a planet to describe the payment world, with us being its core – the central unifying part. This word was the bedrock of our previous name for a good reason, and we want to retain it as long as it epitomises what our platform is. Then, analysing how our performance correlates with our platform's influence on current clients' businesses, we've stumbled upon an idea. We help businesses boost conversion rates and grow their revenue. That is, we help them move upwards. So we decided to add the suffix “-fy” to the word “core”, turning it into a verb to capture the true essence of what we do. corefy new name rebranding

This new name appeared to have many connotations. One of them is tied in with us being a payment orchestration platform. This term describes systems that enable automation and effective management of all processes related to handling payments. It is built upon the idea of conducting all these processes elegantly and masterfully, the same as the leader conducts the orchestra. That’s where the Greek word for the leader of the chorus “Coryphaeus” comes to mind. Curiously, the way it sounds resembles our new name, Corefy. Despite all this stardust, we made the final decision to settle on this name after conducting an international expert poll. We asked business people from five continents what they thought of the word Corefy. The respondents reacted favourably and associated this name with a major platform. The stars aligned!

What about the website?

We have been working on developing a new website for months, while still having our old brand name. That’s because we realised that our platform grows much more robust and versatile, and the old website didn’t cover even a shred of our capabilities. When we first saw the design sketches, we understood it upends our brand identity in a good way. That’s why we decided to combine the launch of the new website with the name change, starting a new chapter of our company’s history. So today, Corefy is debuting an interactive and responsive website that presents our full portfolio of products and services. Instead of continuing to talk it up, we invite you to explore it. We hope you’ll be led by the design into a consistent user experience and deep understanding of what we do, why, and how.

How will this affect our clients and partners?

Our clients should not notice any change in the service aside from the new Corefy branding gradually replacing branding all over the platform and our communication channels. As for the current agreements and login details, they will remain valid, and our clients and partners are not required to take any actions regarding rebranding. The same is true for all the points of contact. We stick to the social media profiles we’ve had before, updating them to match a new shiny design and name. Our team members will surely receive every single email you send to our inboxes, though we may respond to you using our new addresses. To summarise, our name and website are the only things that have changed today. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or thoughts concerning the rebranding.

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