Unified online payments

Corefy's Payments is a unified interface allowing the way of accepting online payments to be centralised, standardised, and streamlined. Connect with hundreds of payment providers and acquirers in a few clicks, getting a clear view and full control of all your transactions.

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One integration

A single integration allows you to support any payment methods.

No vendor lock

Work with multiple payment partners for continuity of operations.

Unified payment data

Access payment data from disparate sources in one place.

Conversion boost

Orchestrate cash flows across payment providers and acquiring banks.

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Connect payments

Versatility is not just a word to us. We are constantly striving to enhance our offering and make every payment tool you might think of available and ready for you to use.

Dozens of ready-to-use payment provider integrations. Explore all
mastercard coube Mastercard
visa coube VISA
discover coube Discover
stripe coube Stripe
mastercard blue coube Masterpass
neteller coube Neteller
giropay coube Giropay
Any payment provider
Reap the benefits of having hundreds of payment providers ready for you to connect to in a few clicks through Corefy's Provider hub.
  • Payment gateways
  • Payment aggregators
  • Payment facilitators
  • Credit card acquirers
Any payment method
Support for every possible payment method comes out of the box when you work with Corefy.
  • Credit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • Digital wallets
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Mobile carriers
  • Utility bills
  • Local payment options
Any payment
Our online payment solution is scalable and flexible enough to suit any business model, type and size.
  • Instant charge
    Receive online payments from your customers instantly, with them making just a few clicks.
  • Delayed charge
    Block the necessary amount on the customer's balance before charging.
  • Recurring payments
    Tokenisation allows you to automatically charge your customer the due amount on a regular basis.
  • OCT (Original Credit Transaction)
    Make fast and secure push payments online directly to your customers' Visa and Mastercard.
Any fiat & crypto currency
We support processing payments in literally any currency of the world, as well as in crypto. Just connect with the right providers.
  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • BTC
  • LTC
  • 200+ currencies

Accept payments

Corefy provides you with a range of options for accepting online payments both automatically and manually.

Automatic payments

Collect online payments with the refined solution by adding just a few lines of code to your website

  • Better conversion rate than ever
  • Flaunt your brand with custom UI
  • Simple integration with minimal coding
  • Personalised payment experience for every user
Recurring payments

Handle and control recurring online payments with ease, benefiting from the agile billing system


Fully automate and enhance payment workflow for your subscription-based business

Manual payments

Receive online payments by issuing and sending invoices to your customers

Fill in a short form on the Dashboard and start accepting payments on your website

Payment links

Get paid instantly by sharing a payment link via a preferred channel

phone content

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Optimise payments

  • Cascading
    Eliminate declines by using automatic rerouting of a transaction until full completion.
  • Personalisation
    Your users will see a selection of online payment methods recommended personally for them. Checkout memorises the latest and most used methods, as well as users' info.
  • Smart routing
    Corefy routes each transaction according to selected parameters, saving time and cutting costs.
  • Localisation
    When enabled, Checkout can identify and adapt to the geolocation of a user in a snap, switching to the right language and displaying local payment methods first.
  • Anti-fraud
    Combat fraud and decrease chargeback ratio relying on our anti-fraud engine and security tools.
  • "Remember me"
    Show your appreciation to returning customers by eliminating the need for repeated payment data entry. Empower them to manage saved cards and payment methods.
  • Tokenisation
    One-click payments reduce friction and skyrocket conversion, refining the customer experience.
  • Abandoned cart recovery
    In case your customer forgets to finalise the purchase, Checkout will automatically take care of his cart, saving it for them to return and proceed.
  • Retries
    Stop losing sales with manual retries and enable auto-retries to handle failover management.
  • Business model versatility
    Accept payments regardless of your business type. Process online payments, donations, and subscription requests.
  • Best UX
    Checkout is the epitome of a smooth and intuitive customer journey. Offer your clients transparency and simplicity, and get significantly increased success rates back.
  • A/B testing
    Feel free to configure your Checkout and perform experiments in order to optimise business performance and discover what works best for you and your clients.
  • Customisable UI
    Adjust Checkout design to the look and feel of your website. Use a custom theme to make your Checkout unique.
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Route payments

Explore how Corefy's routing engine can help you boost conversions, reduce processing costs, and diversify risks. Whether you're looking to optimise your payment processing or seeking advanced payment routing strategies, we have the solution.
  • routing blue


    Set up optimal routing schemes to auto forward each transaction to the most efficient route, increasing your acceptance rates.

  • cascading blue


    Re-route each transaction until successful completion to minimise declines and achieve independence from technical issues on PSP's side.

  • splitting blue


    Handle bulk payments with ease, completing them through multiple payment providers and methods.

  • blocking blue


    Our platform incorporates a strong set of tools helping you to spot fraudulent transactions in advance and avoid time and money losses.

  • converting blue


    Allow customers to view prices and pay in their currency while settling your balance in the currency of your choice.

  • triggering blue


    Change the way the transaction is processed before routing. It allows to automatically decide whether a CVV or 3DS is necessary.

  • p2p blue

    P2P control

    P2P transactions can be automatically routed to the appropriate transit account, meeting your requirements.

Market payments

Offer Corefy's sophisticated payment gateway to your merchants under your brand and get extra revenue effortlessly.

    • fees yellow


      It's up to you to decide how much to charge your merchants for any payment service, and thus how much you'll earn.

    • virtual balances yellow

      Virtual balances

      You and your merchants can keep track of all incoming and outgoing cash flows in multiple currencies in real time.

    • merchant portal yellow

      Merchant portal

      Provide merchants with a single fully-fledged solution for handling operations and monitoring their performance.

    • transaction reporting yellow

      Transaction reporting

      Merchants will always be in control of their business results with detailed auto-generated reports.

    Manage payments

    Managing the payment process with us is simple and painless. Control your workflow without breaking a sweat using dedicated tools and features.

    transactions 2

    Complete online payments lifecycle data — precisely detailed information on every single transaction and its lifecycle is at your fingertips.

    Analyse payments

    Make better-informed decisions by accessing real-time transactions data and instant in-depth reports on all aspects of your business.

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    store red Store 2
    store blue Store 3
    95% 85% 75% 65% 55%
    • real time metrics
      Real-time metrics
      Proactively monitor key performance indicators to manage operations effectively and ensure that your business reaches its goals.
    • consolidated reports
      Consolidated reports
      Save lots of time using reports auto-generation. You can choose any of our predefined reports or create your own report based on selected parameters.
    • db
      Direct access to unified DB
      Reach and extract any data on your activity anytime you need it. You can use these data with your BI system.
    • alerts
      Receive instant notifications when reaching crucial figures or any malfunctions occurring.

    Integrate payments

    We see the beauty in simplifying the complex. That's why we give you everything needed to start working with Corefy with minimal effort and in a matter of minutes.

    • APIs. We offer both server and client APIs, along with detailed API references with thorough guides.

    • SDKs. Our software development kits give you the freedom to build your own custom integration.

    • Docs. Get started right away with our clear and applicable documentation.

    • Callbacks. Be automatically notified of everything that happens to your transactions.

    • Create payment
    • Handle callback
    • create_payment ({
        "description":"Some goods",
    • handle ({
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