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Corefy offers SDKs that wrap the RESTful API and make it even easier to integrate with our platform. The SDK you need depends on your server-side technology stack and on the clients that you want to support. Whether you're processing payments on desktop or on mobile, our software development kits give you the freedom to build your own custom integration.

Client Libraries

We offer various libraries via our Corefy API. Have a good look at our getting started guide and the API reference to get started right away in your IDE. These libraries are hosted and maintained by Corefy. Nevertheless we always appreciate pull requests on GitHub to ensure our libraries are up to date. We greatly appreciate your input.

If you have programmed your own library, simply let us know by writing us at



Payment widget

Payment Widget is our simplest integration method and requires little technical know-how. It's a payment lightbox that you can easily add to your website.

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Postman Collections

While being able to build requests using a GUI is nice, Postman really starts to shine when you use collections. Postman Collections are simply a collection of pre-built requests that can be organized into folders, and they can be easily exported and shared with others.

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