releases first public beta — Improved Security, Performance, Operations & APIs
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Today we’re releasing the first beta version of our upcoming for testing during Web Summit 2018. integrates payment providers and acquirers all around the world to one hub and offers the ready-to-use payment infrastructure with a unified communication interface to all of them. We’d like to encourage users to test this beta and share their impressions as we gear up for the general availability of our payment infrastructure service for e-commerce and FinTech companies.

For many international businesses, the experience of managing payment services has grown much more fragmented. There are now some 200 different ways to make electronic payments. The rapid increase in the number of payment services is one of the top challenges for international businesses.’s founder and CEO Denys Kyrychenko stated

Our product aims to centralize, standardize, and streamline the way we make international payments. It is designed to respond to the growing complexity with new payment systems and processes that online business is facing every day. Now, this much-needed service is available for every online business. caters to online business financial needs through established integrations with both local and international payment solutions. aims to offer a single point of integration to over 500 payment providers and 200 methods worldwide. A single integration with can get you online with any payment processor the moment you enter the credentials.

We launched to help our customers multiple payment capabilities and reach without investments in development or infrastructure. We would also love to hear from users about Beta features and performance, so please reach out

says Dmytro Dziubenko, CTO of This beta version offers new features that have been implemented in the past several weeks, and we would like to highlight the following:

  • Omnichannel payment and payout gateways with enhanced routing engine;
  • Improved security, stability & performance;
  • New dashboard with broader functionality, better user experience, and new routing presets;
  • A dozen of new integrations to the payment services;
  • Built-in analytics & monitoring tool;
  • Improved hosted checkout with customisation and personalisation features through the Dashboard.

Whatever your online business has lots of different types of offerings or multiple storefronts used to diversify your brand, now you can design a transaction process that provides value for all cases while having multiple hosted checkouts. The service routing engine determines the best possible route across providers and accounts to optimise all incoming and outgoing transactions in real-time settings. It also enables the transformation of all payments into local transactions, eliminating cross-border and currency conversion fees for international transactions. allows your back-office staff to configure and change the transaction flows without specific technical knowledge. They can use the web interface to manage and control all your online transactions, seamlessly connect an almost limitless number of payment providers and merchant accounts, configure routing schemes according to business needs, and many more. offers analytics and reporting tools, enabling the standardisation and consolidation of financial reporting across service providers and channels. It is a single source of payment data, making it easier to accurately reconcile payment activity. is not only to process payments but also to streamline enterprise-wide processes, as well as in operational and informational systems,

says Den Melnykov, COO of

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