Commerce: omnichannel batch payouts

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Batch processing allows you to process a large number of payouts at once by uploading a batch file. As this often requires manual effort, we recently released new API endpoints for sending regular payout requests. We’re now testing Commerce Batch payouts user interfaces and other new features, which we hope to release in the coming week.

Large Batch payouts enable you to simultaneously send payouts to an unlimited number of recipients by creating an array of batch payout items. Each payout item has information on the amount, currency and service which will be used to make a payout. So, you can initiate payouts using multiple payouts methods simultaneously, e.g. a mix of SEPA and SWIFT transfers, Visa OCT and Mastercard MoneySend services, and PayPal wallets by account number and phone. So, there are no limits on the number of recipients or payout methods. Moving to an omnichannel payout solution can simplify the typically cumbersome process surrounding multiple input files for every payout option creation while minimising manual data entry time and errors.

Batch payout items simply mirror Payout request functionality but can be verified by before processing. Batch Payout has its own workflow. Concurrently, Batch Payout and Batch Payout Items have different statuses than Payout Request or simple Payout. More information can be found in the Documentation and the API Reference.

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