1.0: upgraded version to boost your online sales

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Share this post: released the 1.0 version of the platform in September 2019. The revised version comprises a range of upgrades, and what’s more important — new products and features:

  • Payment card processing capabilities to streamline your payment process for improved conversion
  • Commerce Account for a resourceful transactions management
  • White-label interfaces for payment institutions

We’ve added new capabilities to payment card processing. Allowing businesses to expand the offered services, it also helps to reduce the costs of maintaining their own card solutions. From now on, the incoming transactions can be initiated through any payment channel irrespective of method, flow, and currency. The new features bring automation to the labour-extensive account reconciliation, payment data normalisation, and harmonisation.

We’ve also launched the Commerce service – a comprehensive set of tools to help our customers’ businesses unify and manage all payments and payouts. Our customers now can have numerous Commerce accounts to support different business models, product types, websites, business units, or merchants with a single access point. It helps to support and manage different marketing channels or businesses in one place.

The CEO and founder of, Denys Kyrychenko, says:

Our team’s growing experience and skills gave us a better understanding of what works good, what doesn’t, and what just needs improvement. The fresh updates made a truly omnichannel payment gateway.

The 1.0 version of offers a new feature that has been implemented in the past several weeks — the white-label interfaces for payment institutions. It includes Merchant Portal, accompanying API references and documentation and an improved hosted payment page (HPP). The new feature allows you to customise the look and feel of an interface in order to match your branding and increase your customers’ level of credibility. Utilise our PCI DSS-certified platform and white-label interfaces to provide customised payment gateway services to multiple target markets.

HPP with your desired look and feel:

  • easily alter the look and the feel of the payment page;
  • upload your localisation with the help of the language packs;
  • a custom URL as a sub-domain to your domain.

We also made general performance improvements, a dozen of new integrations with payment services, aesthetic corrections and various bug fixes.

Our CTO, Dmytro Dziubenko stated:

Our version 1.0 holds great potential, but sapiens qui prospicit. is a stable product in its continuous growth stage. Thus, we head for further development. Our team keeps on improving the existing products, services, and features as well as creating and implementing the new ones 1.0 has been coming for a long time and now gives us a stable base to build upon. Grab the benefit of our upgraded platform to expand your business opportunities!

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