Say hello to a white-label PSP solution
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Say hello to a white-label PSP solution

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Announcements Updates has released a white-label PSP solution for banks, acquirers and payment service providers (PSPs). The first customer of white-label PSP interfaces is a European payment service provider that is serving merchants in the Polish and Ukranian markets and is now preparing to enter other European markets. Currently, around 10 million transactions are recorded monthly on its platform which includes transactions using debit and credit cards, and digital wallets.

The white-label PSP proposition enables’s customers to offer PSP services to merchants without having to make major investments into technical infrastructure or software development that allows to solely focus on the interaction with their customers and prospects and other aspects of the business. The solution is a white label merchant back office combined with recently enhanced platform to support day-to-day operations of financial institutions.

What distinguishes the proposition in the market is that, besides being white-label, all merchants have an option to make large batch payouts in their back office. It enables simultaneously send payouts to an unlimited amount of recipients by creating an array of batch payout items. They can initiate payouts using multiple payouts methods simultaneously, e.g. a mix of SEPA and SWIFT transfers, Visa OCT and Mastercard MoneySend services, and PayPal wallets both by account number and phone.

The white-label PSP solution is an important building block towards omni- and cross-channel and full-service payment solutions for both corporate and institutional customers. “We know that our customers from both merchant and PSP sides are frustrated with the complexity of the task at hand that is complicated further by a growing number of payment options available for consumers. We see the beauty in simplifying the complex, so our customers can access the building blocks they need to respond quickly to changing business requirements.”, says CEO and co-founder Denys Kyrychenko.


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