Corefy's monthly updates: December 2022

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Corefy's monthly updates: December 2022

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Happy New Year! 🎁

We've already shared our achievements of 2022 in a yearly wrap-up, but it would be unfair to leave December without a dedicated post.

So, here is our summary of last month's work.

Platform updates

Aside from code refactoring, our Developers spent December working on UX improvements and implementing new functionality.

Merchant Portal updates

  • Merchants can now create deposit and withdrawal requests. One example of a use case is when a merchant makes a bank transfer to the platform. They can now use the Merchant portal to create a corresponding request, indicating the purpose of payment or requisites. It will make it easier for the platform's manager to connect the receipt of funds with the transaction.
  • Added the "New transaction" button to the header to reduce the time required to create a transaction. Generally, it allows for creating payment & payout invoices, deposits, withdrawals and transfers. The available options depend on the user's role permissions.

Routing updates

  • Added search to the decision tree. You can browse across the following categories: all, strategies, attributes, merchant accounts, and payment providers. It makes analysing and working with complex schemes more convenient, including the position of MID in the cascading, using the same MID or attribute in different parts of the scheme, etc.
  • Added accounts search to the "Add accounts" option of the routing strategy setup. This benefits platforms and merchants working with multiple MIDs, like ISO/MSPs. Such companies have numerous MIDs at various providers. Among other things, the update enables them to add only particular merchants' dedicated MIDs to the strategy, preventing operator errors.


  • Added 21 new integration. The list of new options includes Noda (payments, payouts, card gateway), OdeonPay (payments, payouts); card gateway integrations for Localpayments, Cardinity, Gate2way, SpartaPay, BlaBlapay and Kluwp; payments for Vevopay, Whitepay; payouts for Maxpayment, GateExpress, PayPlanet; and many others.
  • Updated 65 existing integrations.

Feel free to ask your Account Manager for more information about the platform news.

Media coverage

December was rich for media coverage.

Many outlets, such as MarketWatch and Benzinga, shared our news of crossing the 250 ready-made integrations milestone and launching the Apple Pay token decryptor.

Popular Ukrainian tech media AIN wrote an overview of how the country's IT companies cope with work amid war and blackouts. They interviewed our CEO Denys Kyrychenko about the work of our Kyiv team in these conditions.

Besides, Corefy has been included in another payment industry study — the White Label Payment Gateway Market Analysis by QYResearch Group.

We're grateful to everyone spreading the word about our company and, of course, to the team whose work makes us newsworthy!


The highlight of December for us at Corefy was our team gathering for the yearly summary and New Year celebration. Here's our postcard photo!

team corefy

We have another year to figure out how to fit all the teammates who joined online into the photo 😄

Have a great year,

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