How we onboard our clients: all steps explained

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How we onboard our clients: all steps explained

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A good product demo makes a ton of things clearer, but what comes next may remain quite hazy. Aiming to shed more light on it, we’ve prepared this article.

The first part explains Corefy’s onboarding process briefly. If you’ve talked to our Sales Specialists, there should be no surprises. In the second part, we’ve elaborated on it to turn this article into a go-to source for everyone curious about onboarding at Corefy in detail.

Corefy’s client onboarding: espresso version

  • Watching a demo
  • Filling in the Onboarding questionnaire
  • Hopping on a call to discuss what should be done for you to go live with Corefy
  • Agreeing on a contract and signing it, paying the invoice (we start working on the MVP right after)
  • Having tech and business chats set up and a dedicated Account Manager assigned to assist you
  • Training for the members of your team on how to work with a platform
  • Checking the MVP and processing your first live transactions through Corefy
  • Confirming your readiness to go live, aaand…
  • … going live!

Basically, that’s it if you just wanted to learn about or brush up on the onboarding process steps.

The next part is right below if your inquisitive mind wants more details, explanations, and examples. Dive in!

Client onboarding journey explained

Step 1. Getting closer

After contacting our Sales team and watching a demo, you’ll know quite a lot about Corefy as a business and technical solution.

We’d like to know more about you, too! That’s why we would ask you to fill in the Onboarding questionnaire, a confidential online document available only to you and our specialists.

Most of the questions in it require you to answer in a few words, like your company’s legal address or the list of providers you’d like to connect. Other questions are open-ended. The answers you give to them will let us better understand your needs and prepare for the next step.

If you’re uncertain regarding any question in the document, do not hesitate to ask our specialists for help.

Step 2. Sharing your expectations

Once you’re done with the questionnaire, it’s time to discuss the information you provided, outline your primary business needs, and come up with a clear list of what should be done on our platform to enable you to go live. For this, we will invite you on a call.

You’ll meet our Account Manager, who obtains the payment expertise and can provide both technical and business payment consultancy. You’re free to invite whoever deals with payments or going to work with our platform in your team. Together, we will match your needs and expectations with the current platform’s functionality and end up with minimum viable product (MVP) requirements.

For instance, let’s say you work with 4 payment providers, 3 of which are up and running in our ready-made integrations pool. It means we need to develop a missing fourth integration for the MVP.

It’s no problem if you don’t have a merchant account at a provider you’d like to work with yet. We would be glad to provide you with merchant accounts opening assistance and consultancy through our project PayAtlas.

Another example is the payment page. You can choose to host it yourself if you’re PCI DSS compliant. If not, we would gladly offer you a hosted payment page.

MVP requirements may also include such things as setting up a back office for your merchants (if applicable). All in all, clients include particular features or factors that will signalise everything works properly and they’re ready to go live with Corefy completely.

Don’t worry if it sounds a bit more complex than you expected. We’re here to simplify the complexities for you. Our clients entrust us with the most challenging and responsible tasks, knowing that we’re capable of solving them. We will offer you advice and lend a hand anytime you need it.

Step 3. Shaking hands

So, the talks are done, the expectations and requirements are clear. It’s time to shake hands and get to business!

We will prepare the agreement containing everything we discussed earlier and send it to you. Then, you’ll have to read it and make sure all obligations are clear, the MVP is as discussed, and the rights of both sides of the agreement are protected. If you’re completely okay with it, we can sign the agreement and consider each other partners!

The next step is receiving an invoice formed according to the Pricing plan you choose and the MVP requirements. Once paid, we start working on the MVP.

Step 4. Getting the ball rolling

Next, we set up communication between your team members and our specialists that will help you. Most commonly, there are two chats: for business questions and the onboarding process (it becomes a tech chat afterwards, where you’d be able to reach out to Customer Support Specialists).

We offer an additional service called white label support for businesses having their own merchants. Our specialists will assist and consult your merchants on your behalf if you opt for it.

The onboarding speed considerably depends on the quality of interaction with your payment providers. If they’re responsive, the process of setting up your organisation account won’t take long. If needed, our Account Manager assigned to guide you can step in and help you communicate with providers.

In the meantime, our Developers will work on the MVP. In turn, your team members will be invited on the calls and trained on using the platform and configuring optimal settings for your business. Optionally, we can record all pieces of training, enabling you to get back to them when needed.

Step 5. Going live

Here comes the most exciting part!

We roll out the MVP for you. You check it out and make sure it’s all set. The first live transactions go through it, allowing you to pass more and more of your payment and payout traffic to Corefy.

Once we’re there, we prepare a letter about the fulfilment of the MVP requirements and our readiness for a complete launch, expecting you to confirm your readiness. If you’re positive, voila — you are the client of one of the largest payment hubs in Europe!


Now you know all the ins and outs of the process that awaits you after clicking the “Request a demo” button. Completing all these steps will give you:

  • a feature-rich platform to handle payments and payouts
  • a single management interface for all your transactions across multiple vendors
  • access to 200+ ready-made integrations with payment providers
  • freedom from all the technical hassles
  • payment team as a service, and much more!

We look forward to working with you.

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