Corefy’s monthly updates: June 2023

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Corefy’s monthly updates: June 2023

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Welcome to the season of vacations 🍹

While you’re sipping on some espresso tonic, we want to share our noteworthy accomplishments of June.

Platform updates

Our Integrations and Development teams had a very fruitful time. Have a look at what we’ve been up to:

  • Added an opportunity to enable conversion for all payout services. Earlier, it was possible only for the card. This way, an organisation can save up without changing integration for sub-merchants. All it takes is to enable conversion on the routing level according to the transaction or account context.
  • Enhanced Analytics by adding tables with add-ons to the data source. It allows clients to build reports based on the add-on data. For example, clients using the Receipts add-on can create a report on how often users downloaded receipts; those using the NBU registrations add-on can get a statistical comparison of different registrars or aggregated reports for reconciliation with the registrar; and much more.
  • Increased the download speed for Commerce reports. Our clients will now download them as ZIP files containing compressed reports in CSV or XLSX formats.
  • Allowed to configure integration behaviour for H2H provider accounts on card gateway by changing the possible connection options. For example, our clients can now choose to transfer additional data or not, choose which OTP mode to use, change callback processing behaviour, and decide whether to finalise the transaction when getting a specific status code from the provider. The last option is useful when no clear resolution exists in the API protocol.
  • Added 22 new integrations and made 98 updates to existing ones.


Greetings from Bangkok 🇹🇭

Alongside celebrating his birthday, Den Melnykov participated in the prestigious iFX EXPO Asia, the world's largest financial B2B exhibition.

Our July will be jam-packed with conferences as we have at least two events lined up: our Oleg will attend iGB L!VE in Amsterdam, and Miguella will be happy to talk payments with you at SIGMA Asia in Manila. See you!


In June, our Design, Development, and Marketing teams expanded with the addition of four talented specialists. Let's extend our warmest welcome to them as they embark on their exciting journey with us.

As usual, we share all the freshest updates on our social media pages. Have a look at daily life at Corefy on Instagram, and have fun with us on TikTok 🤪

Wish you a great time and look forward to sharing more exciting updates in the future.

Stay tuned!

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