Corefy's monthly updates: February 2023
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Corefy's monthly updates: February 2023

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Bidding farewell to the chilly winter months, we welcome the arrival of spring, a season of new beginnings and fresh opportunities 🤩

We gear up for the productive time ahead and want to share our updates as of the end of winter. Let's see what we've got for you.

Platform updates

Despite the shortest month in the year, our Development team had a fruitful time. Here is what they've shared with us:

  • Hotjar support on CardGate HPP. We've added this to help you gain more insights into your customers' behavior on the payment page to improve its UX.
  • New attributes in CardGate routing. The 19 newly added attributes include daily metrics based on customer, status, card account, and payment method.
  • New attributes in API transactions data. They include extra CardGate data and Extra Provider original data to help merchants get more analytics insights.
  • Increased rolling reserve limits. Now it's possible to withhold 100% of the sum for the delayed settlement. We've also made the rolling reserve configuration more user-friendly – now, its lifetime can be set in hours, days, or months.
  • Reports timezone. Added an opportunity for your managers to choose a custom timezone while creating manual Commerce reports in Dashboard.
  • Current turnover value. From now on, it's possible for merchant and deposit accounts to see the current turnover value both for payments and payouts in their Dashboard. Thanks to this, the support will see that this account is no longer available for processing or how much turnover is left before the account is disabled.
  • Payment route processing fee. Added the possibility to set up the processing fee in the specific route. This makes it possible to dynamically calculate the merchant's commission depending on the route of the provider through which the transaction was processed. To correctly configure this feature, we recommend contacting your account manager.


Our representatives also had the opportunity to attend two major conferences in the industry – TES Affiliate Conferences and ICE London. Both events proved to be incredibly fruitful, with our team members making valuable connections. At TES Affiliate Conferences, our representative Oleg engaged in networking with key players in the affiliate marketing industry and gained insights into the latest industry trends and best practices.

Oleg Ishchenko at TES Affiliate Conference


Work hard, play harder! This month we held a table tennis championship in our R&D office in Kyiv, Ukraine. It turned out there are real professionals on our team! Also, there was a small team-building party in Cascais, Portugal, where our colleagues met due to their business trips. Visit our Instagram page to have a sneaky peek at our team's life and see the photos from these events.

That's what our February was like. Wishing you a warm and vibrant start of spring 🌷

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