Corefy's monthly updates: April 2023

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Corefy's monthly updates: April 2023

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Cheers to a sunny season, and welcome to our April updates 🌸

Platform updates

This month, our team implemented a series of technical updates and upgrades, enhancing our platform’s functionality and performance. Check out what we’ve done:

  • Added the possibility to set up the processing fee in the specific payout route. It allows to dynamically calculate the merchant's commission depending on the route through which the transaction was processed. Please contact your account manager to configure this feature correctly.
  • Expanded the list of routing and Firewall attributes. Card gateway, payout gateway, and Firewall schemes now support the cardholder attribute and ‘is empty/is not empty’ logical operators, which will be useful when data availability in a particular attribute is crucial to decide how to route the traffic. Besides, there are now 32 new dynamic attributes for the payout scheme that are based on the variations of the following metrics: card PAN, Commerce account or within the whole organisation, transaction status, and specific time range.
  • Implemented manual rolling reserve. Previously, our clients could form a reserve by taking a certain percentage of money from each transaction. Now, it is also possible to manually reserve a particular amount directly from the merchant’s active balance.
  • Enabled specifying Commerce API and Commerce Checkout white label domains for each Commerce account individually.
  • Added deep linking support for payments’ return URL. This opportunity is valuable for clients having a large share of mobile payments. It allows for opening a selected section or calling an app function after finalising the payment. One of our betting clients uses this functionality to automatically display the ‘Make a bet’ screen to users after they’ve topped up their account. The amount they’ve deposited is used as a suggested bet size.
  • Added more flexibility to the Balances feature of the Merchant portal. You can now configure the information and features available to your merchant. For example, you can disable all the Balances functionality, enable only the Balances widget, or enable both the widget and the ability to view and/or create balance transactions.
  • Enabled archiving of the Commerce account balance in the currency you no longer work with. We will extend this functionality to the Commerce scheme level in the future.
  • Added 14 new integrations, including card gateway integrations for Centiwise, Katarun, Futuritypay, Apcopay, PaytoneGate, Polyana; payment gateway integrations for Connpay, Klasha (M-Pesa), Rumbapay, PaytoneGate, BlaBlaPay; payout gateway integrations for UBankConnect and Connpay. Besides, we made 99 more minor updates to existing integrations.

Don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated account manager to find out more about any of these points.

Sharing the expertise

April was marked by the launch of our branded educational podcast and webinar series ‘Payment Agenda’.

In the first episode, our Co-founder & CBDO, Den Melnykov and the Founder of BPY Services, Dan Lagémi, delve into the current and forthcoming regulatory changes in online gambling payments for 2023. We’re already working on new episodes, so stay tuned!

Something to read

There is never enough educational content, so you’re welcome to deepen your knowledge in all things payments 🤓

Our Co-founder & CTO, Dmytro Dziubenko, shared Corefy’s experience deploying a payment processing infrastructure to Amazon Web Services on Hackernoon.

We’ve also issued some new articles on our blog:

Corefying around the world

Den Melnykov joined the first Enablers Breakfast Forum at Visa HQ in London. The event provided an exclusive platform for payment industry leaders from around the world to convene and share their experiences, insights, and innovative approaches in the ever-evolving world of payments.

Expanding our team

In April, Corefy welcomed two new teammates – a Product Manager and a Business Development Representative. By the way, we’re still hiring – explore our career opportunities.

There’s more to come, so stay tuned!

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