Corefy’s monthly updates: February 2021
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Corefy’s monthly updates: February 2021

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Spring is the season of new beginnings, and we’re entering it starting yet another glorious chapter in our company’s history.

To us, February was noteworthy for three remarkable things.

First of all, we left our brand name behind and became Corefy. We aspire to unify the payment world and become the most integrated payment platform around the globe, and this new name is a verb that captures the true essence of what we do. Check out our rebranding announcement for more information.

Alongside the rebranding, we’ve debuted a new interactive and responsive website that presents our complete portfolio of products and services.

Moreover, this February, the number of our ready-made integrations with payment providers and acquirers exceeded 100. Now, we’re ranked in the top 5 as one of Europe’s largest payment hubs. It is an important milestone for us, and our team wishes to thank you for working with us. You’re a driving force for us, so we will keep developing and improving our platform and services.

The list of the major updates we worked on last month includes:

  • Additional fields in the export file: amounts, fees, refunds and chargebacks for payments, and processed amounts, fees and write-off for payouts.
  • Added the ability of a client to rename add-ons and change their descriptions.
  • Extended moderation of the transaction data on CardGate. When processing a refund or chargeback, our clients can now manually edit the amount, original ID, approval code, RRN and description of such transactions.
  • The ability to pull a payout statement to solve conflicts, and many other updates and fixes.

Happy spring! May your days blossom with success.

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