Simplify your payment routing: how routing filters boost efficiency

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Simplify your payment routing: how routing filters boost efficiency

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For many merchants, payment processing often means overcoming the complexities that come with handling several MIDs (Merchant IDs). As your business expands and you onboard more payment providers, you'll inevitably face the challenges of creating and managing multiple payment routing schemes.

Navigating through a maze of various MIDs and dealing with the restrictions imposed by providers and acquirers can be daunting. It requires careful analysis of multiple parameters such as card issuer country, card network, and merchant-specific limitations. Managing rule combinations becomes increasingly complex as the number of routing attributes or your MIDs grows.

This is where our routing filters step in to simplify things for you. Join us as we explore how they can streamline your transactions and turn a cumbersome process into a one-click action.

The complexity of multi-MID routing schemes

Imagine you have several MIDs designated for Visa transactions and another set for Mastercard transactions. Each card network comes with its own country-specific restrictions, requiring the creation of multiple routing schemes to accommodate these limitations.

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Here’s what your routing scheme will look like if you take into account all the restrictions and conditions in it:

And just like that, your payment routing strategy quickly becomes a labyrinth. Moreover, any configuration errors can result in failed transactions and lost sales.

Introducing routing filters for seamless payment routing

In our commitment to overcoming operational inefficiencies and eradicating human errors in routing scheme configurations, we introduce routing filters. With this feature, configuring routing parameters becomes a one-time task within the merchant account. Our smart system manages the routing logic on your behalf, applying the specified parameters across all routing schemes linked to the specified MID. This centralised approach guarantees uniformity throughout the payment routing process, providing a streamlined, error-free experience.

This is what setting routing filters looks like:

Routing filters are a win-win solution for merchants. They minimise manual work when creating rules and simplify the process for merchants managing multiple routing schemes, eliminating the need for repetitive actions.

Our dynamic attributes allow merchants to segregate their clients' transactions according to the number of payments made by a certain client or with the use of a certain card and route them even more efficiently.

With routing filters, the previously complex and extensive routing scheme can be condensed into a single rule, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient process:

How routing filters can boost your operational efficiency

Implementing routing filters can bring a multitude of benefits to your business:

  • Time efficiency. By consolidating the routing parameters in the merchant account, you eliminate the need to configure multiple scheme rules. This saves time during setup and reduces maintenance efforts in the long run.
  • Accuracy and consistency. With the automation provided by our routing filters, you can rest assured that the correct parameters will be consistently applied to all relevant routing schemes. This reduces the risk of human error and ensures the accuracy of transaction routing.
  • Scalability. As your business grows and the complexity of your routing requirements increases, our routing filters provide a scalable solution. The system adapts effortlessly to new restrictions, allowing you to handle more intricate routing scenarios without adding unnecessary overhead.
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