How Checkout by Corefy facilitates accepting payments online 

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How Checkout by Corefy facilitates accepting payments online 

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Before we dip into our Checkout solution, imagine 27 Olympic-size swimming pools filled with $100 bills. Those are the combined market caps of Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook, and Alibaba. That’s also an estimated value of global e-commerce in 2023 — $5.9 trillion. If you run your business in such a vast and competitive market, you must hone all your tools, tactics, and strategies to win customers’ hearts.

In this article, we’ll key in on the process of accepting payments online and how you can benefit from letting our Checkout solution take care of it for you.

What is Checkout?

Checkout is a payment page or a set of pages to accept payments online. A customer sees this as they proceed to the purchase and payment confirmation.

Like at the regular checkout counters at brick-and-mortar stores, online customers finalise their shopping journey at checkout. There’s not much a physical merchant can do to facilitate this process for customers. On the contrary, online merchants have various payment pages or checkout solutions at their disposal. There are one-page and multi-page checkouts, lengthy forms and one-click solutions, basic payment pages and payment pages with various accompanying features.

With more than ten years of experience developing and promoting payment products, we’ve tested and learned what works best in terms of payments. These insights and months of purposeful research helped us to find the optimal balance and bring our own advanced Checkout solution to the market.

Why use Checkout by Corefy?

  • It drives your conversion rates. Relying on tried and tested practices, we introduced a comprehensive suite of conversion-boosting features. For instance, our smart processing engine can route each transaction to the optimal provider and seamlessly reroute it to the next best vendor in case of any hindrance. Your customers would also appreciate the ability to make payments in one click, powered by tokenisation. Our payment page even stores customers’ shopping carts for when they want to return and complete the purchase. This saves you otherwise lost sales.
  • It is secure. As a PCI DSS-certified company, we protect both customers and merchants. We use the latest encryption mechanisms to ensure the safety of customers’ data, while our risk management system detects suspicious activity to help you with fraud and chargeback prevention.
  • It is adaptive and responsive. Whiсhever device, platform, or browser your customers use, Corefy Checkout works properly and looks equally well on any screen. You can tune the payment page design, customise it, enable dark mode, etc.

Checkout page, accepting payments online

  • It is scalable. We’ve seen businesses entering new markets up to 10 times faster with the help of our solution. This is because Corefy Checkout supports hundreds of payment methods out of the box, including many unique local options. Geo-location adaptability allows showing a customer a tailored selection of payment methods, which are loved and used the most in their country. Customers can use Checkout in 25 languages while paying with 160+ currencies.
  • It is a future-proof solution. We aim to make Corefy the most connected technical provider globally, so we continually expand our list of integrations with PSPs. We maintain and update these connections to ensure our clients have access to the latest payment technologies. Being aware of global e-commerce trends, we made our platform fully equipped for the rise of mobile. Smartphone sales volumes will pass the 2 billion milestone this year, driving m-commerce. Aside from mobility, customers are increasingly striving for smart personalisation. With that in mind, we show users a selection of payment methods recommended personally for them. The Checkout solution also memorises the latest and most used methods, as well as users’ info, allowing customers to manage saved cards and payment methods. Integrate our advanced solution into your app or website to be all set for the future.

checkout solution payment page

For a complete list of features and benefits of Checkout by Corefy, please visit the Checkout page on our website.

How businesses use Checkout

When creating Checkout, we endeavoured to fulfil the needs of businesses of any type and size. We reached this ambitious goal by expanding the range of supported payment flows.

Now, the scope of businesses using our payment page includes online stores, marketplaces, cryptocurrency exchanges, gambling and betting companies, events and tickets vendors, freelance platforms, etc.

With the checkout page by Corefy you can handle:

  • instant and one-click payments;
  • donations with arbitrary amounts;
  • payment details capturing and delayed charge;
  • recurring payments;
  • dynamic 3DS/CVV enabling or disabling;
  • authentication with one-time passwords.

Regarding payment page design, we've implemented best practices to develop out-of-the-box payment pages. You can customise your Corefy's Checkout by adding custom fields, changing how it looks, etc. You'll find the Checkout Sandbox on the Dashboard, allowing you to check how your custom edits will look and test the payment page. Our team can also develop a custom payment page design for you, implementing every payment flow you need and ensuring the checkout creates a seamless experience for your website users.

How to integrate Checkout into my website?

There are multiple ways for you to integrate our Checkout solution into your website or app. Some options require practically no coding and empower you to start immediately, while others are a bit more complex but worth the effort in the long run.

  • Flash — the Checkout page will be live as a popup on your website. No redirecting, a need for minimal help from a developer, and no web address change are the main pros of this integration option.
  • Embedded — insert the Checkout page into your website as an iFrame to bring your customers a frictionless user experience. It won’t take much of a skilled developer’s time.
  • Pay by Link — this option allows you to start accepting payments online without any coding, and even with no website. We can provide you with a ready-to-use payment page. All you have to do is to send your customer a payment link, which will take them to the hosted payment page. If you have a website, your customers will be seamlessly redirected to the checkout page.
  • Self-hosted — if you run a large enterprise having a PCI compliance certificate and your own development team, opt for complete API integration. Hosting the checkout page on your servers gives you total control over every step of your customer’s journey.

If you are not sure which integration option to choose, the article by our Chief Technology Officer Dmytro Dziubenko can help you to compare them and make an informed decision. Or just reach out to us — we’ll be happy to answer any questions about payment pages and help you to get started.

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