Needs immediate enhancement

Needs immediate enhancement

Your score indicates that your current gambling business’ payment setup is significantly underperforming, which could be hindering both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Immediate action is required to avoid operational disruptions and capitalise on market opportunities.

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Challenges requiring attention

  • Limited payment options – offering too few payment methods can alienate potential players and reduce transaction completion rates.
  • High transaction decline rates – a higher-than-average decline rate could be due to outdated or insufficient payment gateways.
  • Ineffective payment routing – lack of advanced routing options may be leading to unnecessary costs and failed transactions.

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Payment expert tips

  • Expand payment providers – consider integrating more payment providers to cover a broader spectrum of player preferences and geographies. This may also help you increase your payment setup’s uptime.
  • Implement advanced routing – use intelligent routing solutions that can dynamically select the best payment gateway based on success rates, transaction costs, and player location.
  • Regularly review payment analytics – monitor your transaction data to identify patterns in declines and address them proactively with your payment service providers.