Functional but suboptimal

Functional but suboptimal

Your payment system is functioning, but not at an optimal level. There's considerable room for enhancement to fully support your business's growth and improve player experience.

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Challenges requiring attention

  • Scalability – your system may not be scaling effectively with increasing transaction volumes, affecting performance during peak times.
  • Payment disruptions – even infrequent disruptions can tarnish customer trust and affect your reputation.
  • Partial market coverage – your localised payment options might not cover all key markets, potentially losing out on significant audience segments.

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Payment expert tips

  • Enhance scalability – opt for payment solutions that offer scalability to handle peak transaction periods smoothly.
  • Improve reliability – work on reducing downtime and enhancing the reliability of your payment systems to build player trust.
  • Expand localised options – increase your localised payment methods to capture a larger market share and meet regional player preferences.

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