New integration with GEO Pay
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New integration with GEO Pay

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Integrations has recently established a new integration with GEO Pay — an alternative distributed payment infrastructure which provides payments faster, cheaper and secure. GEO’s mission is to make financial assets operations as easy and affordable as sending information online. Transactions within a smartphone application can be accomplished easily and quickly without a need for binding to a plastic card or to a specific blockchain registry account.

The company uses a decentralised model because GEO thinks that a huge number of transactions and the low costs for supporting infrastructure aren’t two mutually exclusive things. At the same time, there is no need for server maintenance and protection or resource-intensive mining like for some cryptocurrencies.

Executing payments with iOS or Android application as easily as sending an email and users can work with different digital assets simultaneously (fiat, crypto, etc.) and are assured of the reliability of their savings and transfer. GEO charges no commission to receive and send assets and now has over 10 thousand users.

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