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Everything you need to accept online payments

Everything you need to accept online payments

Online Checkout is a universal ready-made solution, designed with the consumer in mind. It drives your sales and lets you receive payments securely at lightning speed. Collecting payments online has never been easier.

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How does it work?
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    Integrate one of the most advanced online Checkouts without writing a single line of code.

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    Customise the look and feel of the Checkout to offer your customers seamless brand experience.

    • $200
    • $150
    • $100
    • $50


    Accept both one-time or recurring payments in a split second and take the hassle out of it.

Tools for the highest conversion
  • Cascading
    Eliminate declines by using automatic rerouting of a transaction until full completion.
  • Personalisation
    Your users will see a selection of payment methods recommended personally for them. The best online Checkout service memorises the latest and most used methods, as well as users' info.
  • Smart routing
    Corefy routes each transaction according to selected parameters, saving time and cutting costs.
  • Localisation
    When enabled, Checkout can identify and adapt to the geolocation of a user in a snap, switching to the right language and displaying local payment methods first.
  • Anti-fraud
    Combat fraud and decrease chargeback ratio relying on our anti-fraud engine and security tools.
  • "Remember me"
    Show your appreciation to returning customers by eliminating the need for repeated payment data entry. Empower them to manage saved cards and payment methods.
  • Tokenisation
    One-click payments reduce friction and skyrocket conversion, refining the customer experience.
  • Abandoned cart recovery
    In case your customer forgets to finalise the purchase, online Checkout system will automatically take care of their cart, saving it for them to return and proceed.
  • Retries
    Stop losing sales with manual retries and enable auto-retries to handle failover management.
  • Business model versatility
    Accept payments regardless of your business type. Process payments, donations, and subscription requests.
  • Best UX
    Checkout is the epitome of a smooth and intuitive customer journey. Offer your clients transparency and simplicity, and get significantly increased success rates back.
  • A/B testing
    Feel free to configure your Checkout and perform experiments in order to optimise business performance and discover what works best for you and your clients.
  • Customisable UI
    Adjust Checkout design to the look and feel of your website. Use a custom theme to make your Checkout unique.
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Any payment

Corefy delivers great flexibility that adapts to any payment flow and fits any business model.

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One-click and instant payments

Payment amount

£ $ £ $

Arbitrary amount


Delayed charge and capture

Choose payment method

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Tokenisation and card verification


3DS/non-3DS, CVV/non-CVV

Internationalisation and localisation

Our international Checkout solution supports an exhaustive list of 200+ currencies, multi-language interface with support for 25 languages and geolocation adaptability.

  • austria Austria
  • scotland Scotland
  • norway Norway
  • gbp GBP
  • portugal Portugal
  • australia Australia
  • krw KRW
  • turkey Turkey
  • israel Israel
  • hong kong Hong Kong
  • armenia Armenia
  • eur EUR
  • japan Japan
  • hungary Hungary
  • denmark Denmark
  • united arab emirates United Arab Emirates
  • england England
  • czech republic Czech Republic
  • china China
  • greece Greece
  • sweden Sweden
  • luxembourg Luxembourg
  • uah UAH
  • bulgaria Bulgaria
  • india India
  • estonia Estonia
  • finland Finland
  • argentina Argentina
  • usd USD
  • belgium Belgium
  • croatia Croatia
  • georgia Georgia
  • jpy JPY
  • italy Italy
  • canada Canada
  • ukraine Ukraine
  • france France
  • germany Germany
  • spain Spain
  • united states United States
  • rub RUB
  • south korea South Korea
  • ireland Ireland
  • switzerland Switzerland

In a rapidly changing world of payments, integration should be a piece of cake. This is what it's like with our Checkout. Save time, costs and development efforts by choosing the integration option that fulfils your needs, opportunities and expectations.

Ready for use

Checkout is a secure, Corefy-hosted payment page that lets you collect payments with just a few lines of code.

  • Based on high-end technologies
  • Automatic updates
  • Featherweight and fast loading
  • Customisable
  • Webhooks
  • Test environment
  • HTML form
  • Link
  • QR сode
  • <form action="" method="get">
  • <img alt="Payment Link" src="">
Integration options

It’s easy to get started with Corefy. Take a look below and see which option is right for you.

  • Pay
    card gpay bitcoin paypal


    Practically no coding effort needed to have Checkout live as a popup on top of your website, without redirecting.

  • Pay
    card gpay bitcoin paypal


    Easily integrate Checkout into your website as an iFrame, creating a frictionless user experience.

  • Pay


    card gpay bitcoin paypal

    Pay by link

    Generate payment links and send them to your customers to complete purchases.


Self-hosted. If you have your own development team and are PCI DSS certified, you might consider hosting Checkout yourself using API and SDKs.

Try the integration
Unconditional responsiveness and adaptivity

Corefy's Checkout works properly on literally every device, app and screen size you could think of.


  • mobile


  • tablet


  • laptop


  • desktop



  • web


  • in app


  • tv



  • chrome


  • safari


  • firefox


  • opera


  • mobile browsers

    Mobile browsers

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