iGaming payment solution of the next generation

iGaming payment solution of the next generation

iGaming business has to cope with gambling payment processing in a range of currencies and methods, handle time-consuming reconciliations, deal with risks and fraud, and optimise conversions.

Our solution is an all-inclusive tool to help simplify and unify it all in a single place.

Single solution for iGaming operators and platforms

As your online casino or gambling platform grows, working with multiple PSPs and third-party technologies becomes a must to enhance the value and efficiency of each digital transaction.

Leverage Corefy to untangle the knot

For Operators

Customisable payment pages and hosted iFrames with full compliance to PCI DSS

For Platforms

Convenient portal to manage all in one point and deliver players support for every project

We process your payments and empower you to control your business better and increase the profitability of your payment flows.

Why choose us

Get a fully scalable solution for high-volume processing

Process any payment flow, method, and currency to get global presence

Hassle-free winnings payouts to keep your clients happy

Stable and secure performance for your business reliability and continuity

Unified data analytics across all payment partners in real-time mode

Reliable support and quick integration with any provider from our pool or on your request

We know the anatomy of iGaming payments

Streamlined deposits and smooth acquiring

Stop losing clients. Let them make even first-time deposits quickly, easily, and securely via preferred iGaming payment methods.

Act globally, processing any payment flow

Numerous iGaming payment options for any geography

Smart routing and cascading tool to maximise success rates

Cross-device and cross-browser compatibility

Quick payouts and convenient withdrawals of winnings

Provide high customer satisfaction and retain them. Disburse the winnings to players rapidly and via multiple channels.

Instant payouts to cards, e-wallets, and bank accounts.

Automated dynamic currency conversion for added efficiency.

Staged payouts that are initiated automatically and approved manually.

Bulk processing for convenient affiliate payouts.

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Real-time reporting & analytics

Unify and harmonise the payment data from all PSPs, acquirers, e-wallets, or crypto processors you cooperate with.

All insightful metrics in a single source.

Let your financial, accounting, support, and marketing teams conveniently monitor the essentials about the business performance.

Default or customised reports & analytics.

Explore insightful metrics of your iGaming business health and performance for troubleshooting and decision making.

Rich analytical data.

Combat chargebacks & fraud and get insights on customers' behaviour to detect trends and abnormalities.

Grant your payments with ultimate security

Focus on your iGaming business performance, we’ve got you covered

Tokenisation of sensitive payment data

Streamline your players’ payment experience with tokenisation.
We remove the need to reenter the payment details, decreasing the likelihood of data theft and enabling fast & safe one-click online gaming payments for your returning and VIP customers.

Сard tokenisation with a hosted iFrame or a card form on your domain

Data collection, storage, and transmission is secure and PCI-compliant

Absence of the compliance burden and enhanced payment acceptance rates

Efficient compliance and antifraud

Powerful toolkit to keep fraudsters at bay

Belonging to the high-risk industry, online gaming & betting projects are prone to fraud attacks and have to strictly comply with the regulations.

Real-time fraud management with firewall filters

Limits on deposits and withdrawals, thresholds management

Smart blocklisting against serial fraudsters


Identity authentication verification upon the first deposit and withdrawal request

Automated reconciliation for growth NEW

Fully scalable solution to organise and unify transaction data

Import data from any source to manage it all in one spot

Get all data flows harmonised automatically for your convenience

Spot mismatches or discrepancies automatically and work with them directly

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