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With Corefy you are just one click away from performing Batch payouts to thousands of recipients using multiple methods and currencies simultaneously.


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    Martina Tomas



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    Alexander Voltman


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    Todd Griffin


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    Umer Diaz


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      Create a Batch payout file with an array of items

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      Upload your Batch payout file to our platform

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      Process an unlimited number of individual payouts at once

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      Download a detailed report after the completion of your request

    Simple and efficient payout tool

    • workload optimisation

      Workload optimisation

      We make completing Batch payouts as easy as clicking a mouse, saving you time and capabilities for other business tasks.

    • spreadsheet like execution

      Spreadsheet-like execution

      You won't have a problem creating a batch payout file. List the items in any spreadsheet you're used to and save it as .csv or .xls.

    • no limits

      No limits

      Use multiple payout methods to send any amount in any currency, relying on dozens of payment providers connected to our Provider hub.

    Beyond Batch payouts

    Batch payouts is a comprehensive all-in-one solution that enables you to make mass payouts at any scale by leveraging as many payment methods and currencies as needed. With a range of supporting features, it saves you time, money, and nerves.

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    • Any payout method. Use multiple payout methods simultaneously. Mix SEPA and SWIFT transfers, or send money to PayPal wallets by ID and by phone number.
    • Any amount & Splitting. Every item in a batch payout can be executed through multiple transactions, enabling successful processing of any amount.
    • Sequence & Parallel. Batch payout items can be processed consecutively, one by one, or instantly, all at once.
    • Auto-retries. Re-route transactions until they are successfully completed or suspended, and manage failover by setting up attempt limits and routing rules for any resolution.

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    Solve time-consuming issues

    Have the full visibility of your Batch payouts using the advanced set of additional tools provided by Corefy.

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    • Instant reconciliations. We automatically settle all your payment data into a single in-depth report. Handle exceptions instead of manual reconciliation of each transaction.

    • Tracking & Reporting. Monitor the batch payout performance in real time and generate any of our out-of-the-box reports in a few clicks or automatically on a regular basis.

    • Exports. All transactional data about payouts can be exported in .csv or .xls format.

    • Alerts. Set and configure alerts to be timely notified of reaching crucial figures or some error and malfunction occurring.

    See our Batch payouts solution in action

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    Multipurpose solution

    Corefy mass payout services are suitable for various industries and cover a range of working processes.

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      Make regular batch payouts to your partners worldwide.

    • p2p blue

      HR management

      Pay out salaries and bonuses to your employees.

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      Gaming & Betting

      Handle the distribution of winnings, prizes and rewards.

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      Manual refunds

      Make refunds to selected customers via batch payout.

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      Initiate mass payouts to suppliers and vendors.

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