Payment analytics solution

Corefy's payment analytics system gathers all your data under one roof and makes it much easier to monitor, examine, and analyse.

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Automated aggregation of all your business data
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Obtain coherent information instead of elaborate datasets
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Auto-generated reports and visual insights
  • Key in on details or rise above them.

    Switch between detailed and helicopter view for better decision making and troubleshooting.

  • Discern more opportunities.

    Transform previously disjointed data into insights for optimising processes and costs.

  • Facilitate internal communication.

    Grant your teammates fast access to information necessary for moving your business forward.

  • Produce reports effortlessly.

    Turn reports from a resource-draining activity into a helpful tool for business development.

Get the most out of your payment data with Corefy

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Den Melnykov, Co-founder & CBDO
What is the transaction history of a user that filed a chargeback?
Which users initiate transactions from different IP addresses?
Are there any users that have filed a chargeback more than once?
How has our revenue changed over time?
What are our merchant accounts' balances?
What is our monthly turnover?
What is our average monthly turnover per client?
From where are our customers paying and with which payment instruments?
What is our shopping cart abandonment rate?
What's our cost per transaction?
What are the main reasons for declines?
What is the average transaction processing time?
What are our key metrics at the moment?
How many users retry a payment if it fails the first time?

Live all-out view of business performance

Having all the performance metrics spread before the eyes keeps you aware of health and performance of your business. Generate accurate and thorough reports and access intelligence on the go.

Transaction statuses
  • Transaction statuses
  • Transaction decline reasons
  • Transaction methods
  • Merchant account balances
  • Merchant account conversion rates
  • Storefront conversion rates
  • Storefront turnover
Transaction statuses
  • Success
  • Pending
  • Cancelled
  • Refunded
  • Charged back

Monitor the statuses of all transactions in real time to be sure that your payment traffic is stable and healthy.

Transaction decline reasons
  • access_denied
  • card_is_not_3ds_enrolled
  • invalid_card_status
  • auth_fatal_error
  • invalid_3ds_code

This pie chart shows decline reasons over the selected period. You can analyse this data to reveal and mitigate weak points.

Transaction methods
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Swift Transfer
  • WeChat Pay
  • Mastercard (40%)
  • Visa (37%)
  • American Express (12%)
  • China UnionPay (11%)

Learn what payment methods your customers prefer to gain insights on how to optimise your payment orchestration strategy.

Merchant account balances

Merchant account balances

MID 10
MID 11
MID 12

Real-time view of all your merchant accounts balances at various PSPs allows you to manage your cashflows efficiently.

Merchant account conversion rates
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

0% Conversion rate

Live stats on the conversion across all your terminals help you to discover ways to tweak your market strategy.

Storefront conversion rates
Conversion chart
store, yellow, shop, merchant Store 1
store, red, shop, merchant Store 2
store, blue, shop, merchant Store 3
95% 85% 75% 65% 55%

Learn how each of your stores is performing and how their conversion rates change over time for informed decision-making.

Storefront turnover

Conversion chart

store, yellow, shop, merchant Store 1
store, red, shop, merchant Store 2
store, blue, shop, merchant Store 3
Sep 15
Sep 16
Sep 17
Sep 18

Keep track of your overall turnover and see which of your businesses accounts for the biggest share in total results.

Create a report of any kind in no time

Select any of our out-of-the-box reports and have them on hand right away, or create a custom report for specific business needs. Opt for auto-generation to receive fresh reports on a regular basis.

Payments & Payouts

  • Transactions summary report
    Shows all transaction data over a period of time, including the amount, commission, balance, currency, description, service code, etc.
  • Transaction details report
    Provides information on all distributed and undistributed transactions over a period of time, including payment method and transaction type.
  • Declined transactions report
    Outstanding failed payments report. Provides a list of customers with outstanding failed payments that require a follow-up.
  • Transactions currency report
  • Transactions method report
  • Transactions service report
  • Transactions provider report
  • Transactions type report


  • Trial balance report
    Provides financial analytics on opening and closing balances, as well as on debit and credit turnover for a selected period for every account used.
  • Distribution report
    Provides financial analytics on the distribution of billings that have been collected from your customers through direct debit.
  • Organisation distribution report
    Provides financial analytics on the distribution of billings that have been collected from all business sites through subscription billing.
  • Conversion rates report
  • Trend analysis report
    Provides financial analytics on your business progress on a month-to-month basis.
  • Commission income report


  • Conversion rates report
  • Balance report
  • Turnover report
  • Providers report
  • Errors summary report
  • Routes summary report

Currency conversion

  • Summary report
  • FX rates summary report
  • Average FX rates report
  • Income report

Custom reports

Generate a report for selected transactions or period of time to get a more detailed view of any aspect of your operations.

Reporting features

Whether you need to filter a report for a specific time period or see results for a particular product, Corefy's financial report system has got you covered. Easily create custom reports for all of your business needs.

  • couch, sofa, диван

    Customise reports

    The flexibility of our predefined reports allows you to configure columns and time zones.

  • schedule, reports

    Schedule reports

    Set up report auto-generation & export to have necessary data ready for you when needed.

  • замок, lock

    Control access

    Decide who can access the information to empower teammates with relevant business intelligence.

  • merchant, магазин

    Centralise reporting

    If you run multiple sites, you can easily gather all the key metrics for each site into a single comprehensive report.

  • lightning, flash

    Enjoy convenience

    Get quick and simple access to your securely stored data anytime and from wherever you are.

  • save time, time-efficiency

    Save time

    Skip wasting effort on producing the reports and move right to working with them for the benefit of your company.

Instant alerts for greater control and awareness

Stay on top of everything with the least possible manual work. Set and configure alerts to be timely notified of reaching crucial figures or some issues occurring.

  • PSP downtime. In case something goes wrong on the provider's side, transactions will be rerouted and you'll be notified.

  • Callback problems. If your commerce account callbacks stop working, you'll know right away.

  • Low balance. Get a notification about reaching critical balance value on your merchant account before it's too late.

  • Abnormalities. Any abnormal activity, such as the suspiciously high speed of transactions processing, will be reported to you instantly.

  • $10,000
  • $7,500
  • $5,000
  • $2,500
  • Condition 1
  • Condition 2
  • Condition 3


Select the query you want to trigger an alert for from many available options.

  • 5 sec
  • 10 sec
  • 15 sec
  • 20 sec
  • 25 sec
  • 30 sec
  • 35 sec
  • 40 sec
  • 45 sec


You can opt-in alerts for every time your query runs, even if it happens every 5 seconds.

  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • WhatsApp


Corefy can alert you in the way that suits you best, be it email, Telegram, or Slack.

Multiple export options

Make your data actionable by exporting reports for further analysis and decision making.

  • Unified data. All your financial analytics from disparate sources is securely stored and ready to be transferred into other business systems.

  • Major formats. Access your reports offline and share them with stakeholders by exporting them in .csv or .xls formats.

  • Customisation. Select any time period and add or remove any columns from your report to make it work best for you.

  • Massive data. Automatically break down the data set into files of 10k records each to make it more manageable.



  • Data report
  • Providers analysis
  • July report

Export as

  • csv
  • xls, format

Create custom reports

Generate unique reports for selected dimensions and metrics to derive valuable insights into any aspect of your business activity.

Reporting API

# API Reference
-X GET ""
-H "accept: application/json"
  • ID
  • 4bgq5d2
  • n55zs23
  • q3q7uii
  • 88u2mn

Produce any kind of report with our sleek reporting API. Select the data you need, group it in a compelling way, and limit the data returned based on specific filters.

SQL Database

# SQL Example
date_format(created, ‘%Y-%m-%d’ ) as day’
from balance_transactions
where type = ‘refund’
order by day desc
limit 5

Write queries to sift through the whole data set and tweak a custom report. We've prepared a list of example queries to help you as you start.

  • rabbit, hare, speed, quick

    Quick answers. Use the Dashboard to write SQL queries and get responses instantly.

  • auto completion

    Auto-completion. Be assisted by a popup menu of options as you type SQL statements.

  • suitcase, case, bag

    Prebuilt templates. View the most common queries we've written in advance and feel free to edit them.

  • share, поделиться

    Create templates. Save and share queries you use frequently with your teammates to free up time.

  • plug, штекер, розетка

    Connectivity. Connect other business intelligence systems to have a single access point to your payment data analytics.

  • hardware

    Ready-made. We have taken care of the technical infrastructure for data maintenance, so you don't have to.

Simple reconciliations

Our reporting and reconciling capabilities are tied in closely, letting you quickly and accurately pull your transaction data from disparate sources into a single report.

Payment in the system


Provider's statement



Matching Correct Status Amount Foreign Correction
Matching Correct Status Amount Foreign Correction
Matching Correct Status Amount Foreign Correction
Matching Correct Status Amount Foreign Correction
Matching Correct Status Amount Foreign Correction
  • весы, баланс, ваги, balance, scales


    All transaction data flows in and out of our system ensuring consistency between your sales and payment provider's statements.

  • transparency, visibility


    Benefit from improved visibility throughout the whole transaction lifecycle, as well as full control over payment and payout flows.

  • visibility, transparency


    Accessibility and visibility of accurate complete data reduce potential fraudulent transactions and help to reveal hidden activity.

  • arrows, circle, стрелки, стрілки

    Automatic corrections

    Corefy automates transaction matching across multiple PSPs and accounts, updating the data according to providers' statements.

  • иконка, icon, star, звездочка

    Collisions management

    Identify and manage mismatches, errors and collisions between transaction data from the provider and payment details inserted into Corefy.

  • dollar, dialogue box, pop-up box

    Proof in investigation

    Ensure that all your funds are correctly accounted for and solve possible issues with payment providers by accessing statement history and logs.

Single dashboard for all activity

Payment processes in your business are a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle you are trying to complete. Dashboard by Corefy is that final piece to snugly fit the blank space and make the overall picture perfect and understandable. Just sit back and admire the seamless flow of your transactions.

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