Unifying the payment world

Our mission is to provide a platform for any size of business to manage payment processes

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Our philosophy

At Corefy, we aim to centralise and standardise online payment processing, improve visibility and control over transaction flows, mitigate risks, and improve overall business efficiency. Our purpose is to help our customers multiply payment capabilities and reach without the need to invest in development or infrastructure. We offer the technology to build almost any online payment solution. We see the beauty in simplifying the complex, so you can run your online business without obstacles using cloud infrastructure, omni- and cross-channel and full-service payment solutions for both corporate and institutional clients.

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Our story

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What is Corefy (formerly PayCore.io)?, 2:27

Corefy is a payment orchestration platform for online businesses and payment institutions. Our technical platform provides feature-rich functionality that connects and manages payment services, initiates and processes transactions, collects and analyses payment data, and much more.
Corefy (formerly PayCore.io) was launched on November 1, 2018, but our story began long before then. The three co-founders of Corefy Denys Kyrychenko, Dmytro Dziubenko, and Den Melnykov, have each worked in fintech for more than ten years, wading through its innumerable facets. The uppermost insight was that rapid technological development had continuously changed consumer habits, business activities, competition, and many other areas. Moreover, the payment industry had grown more fragmented for business owners. These insights laid the foundations for Corefy.
So, our team accepted the challenge. Using all of our accumulated experience, we developed a solution to help businesses unify the payment world. Looking into the matter of electronic payments, we've created a set of building blocks that empower our clients to set up their own comprehensive solution and adapt faster to the changes in the payments landscape. Corefy has established integrations with payment providers and acquirers all around the world to provide a unified payments hub for any online business to streamline its incoming and outgoing payments.

Our history

November, 2018

First public beta. The first beta version of upcoming Corefy 1.0 released for testing during Web Summit 2018.

March, 2019

White label payment provider solution. Released a white label solution for banks, acquirers and PSPs.

April, 2019

Omnichannel large Batch payouts. Released user interfaces to process a large number of payouts at once by uploading a batch file.

June, 2019

Cardgate: a payment card gateway. Released functionality to process payment card transactions.

July, 2019

PCI DSS attestation of compliance. Corefy has successfully passed the PCI DSS compliance audit.

September, 2019

Corefy 1.0 release. We have upgraded and released the new 1.0 version of Corefy.

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We are so much more than just another software development startup.

Core values

We believe that challenges are the driving force for progress. They are the main reason for and source of technological innovations and global improvements. The payment world is no exception. Tackling challenging tasks and finding solutions to streamline payments flow is our top priority. Here are three cornerstones that help us do this in the best possible way.

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  • Self-improvement

    Fresh ideas and unconventional approaches to solving problems delight our minds, free from prejudice or bias.

  • Teamwork

    We love to see our team members' diverse backgrounds and thinking styles synergise to find the best solutions for our clients.

  • Open-mindedness

    We do not set hard and fast rules, always leaving some space for development and innovative technologies.

Join our team!

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Let's suppose you like the freedom of learning new skills combined with a hard-working mentality, and you can appreciate the emotional roller coaster ride that a startup brings, staying away from bureaucracy and organisational charts. If that's the case, you might be a fit for us.

Career at Corefy
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  • January


    PayCore.io becomes Corefy.

  • July

    New PCI DSS

    We have passed the PCI DSS Level 1 certification.