Make hassle-free payouts

The international payout system by Corefy gives you full control over your payout workflows. One seamless integration enables you to make single and mass payouts quickly and easily with a wide range of payout options to choose from.

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  • One integration

    A single integration opens endless payout capabilities.

  • No vendor lock

    Benefit from seamless payment provider migration.

  • Unified payout data

    Access payout data originating from diverse sources.

  • High success rates

    Orchestrate cash flows across payout providers and acquiring banks.

Connect payouts

Have it all covered by connecting our global Payouts. We ensure you are provided with out-of-the-box access to any payout tool you might think of.

Dozens of ready-to-use payment provider integrations. Explore all
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visa coube VISA
discover coube Discover
stripe coube Stripe
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Any payment provider
Work with multiple payment providers and acquirers available through Corefy's Provider hub to positively affect your pricing and success rates.
  • Payment gateways
  • Payment aggregators
  • Payment facilitators
  • Credit card acquirers
Any payout method
Issue all kinds of payouts through any payment instrument in a few clicks.
  • Credit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • Digital wallets
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Mobile carriers
  • Utility bills
  • Local payment options
Any payout flow
Corefy delivers great flexibility that adapts to any payout method flow, ensuring the flawless customer experience.
  • Instant
    Issue single payouts within minutes.
  • Batch
    Send global payouts to numerous recipients.
  • Bulk
    Split the payout into multiple transactions.
  • OCT (Original Credit Transaction)
    Initiate global payouts by a token.
Any fiat & crypto currency
Corefy supports processing payouts in almost every currency, including major cryptocurrencies.
  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • BTC
  • LTC
  • 200+ currencies

Make payouts

Corefy allows you to easily handle global payouts both automatically and manually.

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Automated payouts
Instant payouts

Send payouts directly to recipients within minutes.

Our intelligent processing engine ensures optimal routing of each payout, while automated failovers help to finalise all your payout requests.

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Manual payouts
Manual payouts

Create payout invoices and initiate transactions manually in a few clicks.

Send global payouts to an unlimited amount of recipients simultaneously and regardless of the payout method by uploading a batch file.

Use Dashboard to create a payout file and upload it to send funds to multiple recipients.

Optimise payouts

  • Cascading
    Eliminate fails by using automatic rerouting of a transaction until full completion.
  • P2P payouts
    P2P transactions can be automatically routed to the appropriate transit account, meeting your requirements.
  • Smart routing
    Corefy routes each transaction according to selected parameters, saving time and cutting costs.
  • Business model versatility
    We provide payout services for any business type. Process batch payouts, bulk payouts or single payouts with ease.
  • Anti-fraud
    Combat fraud relying on our anti-fraud engine and security tools.
  • Splitting
    Perform a large payout through multiple transactions with our global payout platform.
  • Payouts by token
    Our international payout system allows initiating payouts by a token (OCT).
  • Currency conversion
    Easily set up rules for every currency pair conversion and freely choose an exchange rate source.
  • Retries
    Initiate retries manually when needed or enable auto-retries to handle failover management.

100 000 USD

25 000

33 000

42 000

Route payouts

Explore how Corefy's routing engine can help you boost conversions, reduce processing costs, and diversify risks. Whether you're looking to optimise your payment processing or seeking advanced payment routing strategies, we have the solution.
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    Set up optimal routing schemes to automatically forward each transaction to the most efficient route, increasing your acceptance rates.

  • cascading blue


    Re-route each transaction until successful completion to minimise declines and achieve independence from technical issues on PSP's side.

  • splitting blue


    Handle bulk payments with ease, completing them through multiple payment providers and methods.

  • blocking blue


    Our platform incorporates a strong set of tools helping you to spot fraudulent transactions in advance and avoid time and money losses.

  • converting blue


    Easily set up rules for every currency pair conversion and freely choose an exchange rate source.

  • triggering blue


    Change the way the transaction is processed before routing.

  • p2p blue

    P2P control

    P2P transactions can be automatically routed to the appropriate transit account, meeting your requirements.

Discover the payout solution you've been looking for

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Market payouts

Get the most out of our international payout system and earn additional income by offering this powerful service to your merchants.

  • fees yellow


    Make money by setting up and collecting fees from your merchants. The amount you earn is entirely up to you.

  • virtual balances yellow

    Virtual balances

    Clear real-time view of funds available on your accounts in multiple currencies, including pending and reserved balances. You can also easily view your merchants' balances to keep track of overall performance.

  • merchant portal yellow

    Merchant portal

    An intuitive ready-made solution that you can give to your merchants to enable them to monitor and manage their transactions.

  • transaction reporting yellow

    Transaction reporting

    Empower your merchants to monitor and control their cash flows with auto-generated detailed monthly reports.

Manage payouts

Corefy allows you to control and manage your entire payouts process through a single fully integrated gateway.

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Complete payout lifecycle data - a range of tools designed to ensure visibility on each step of the payout process.

Analyse payouts

Have a full visibility of your payout data and have it visualised to share and utilise within your organisation.

  • Success
  • Pending
  • Cancelled
  • Failed
  • real time metrics
    Real-time metrics
    Track your operational and analytical KPIs in the real time and make your business more efficient by proactively monitoring all the key metrics.
  • consolidated reports
    Consolidated reports
    Select any of our out-of-the-box reports and have them on hand right away, or generate regular reports automatically.
  • db
    Direct access to unified DB
    Directly access and extract information from your database for all your business activities on Corefy.
  • alerts
    Receive instant notifications when reaching crucial figures or any malfunctions occurring.

Integrate payouts

Minimal integration efforts, multiple options and detailed documentation will help you to get on board seamlessly.

  • APIs. We offer both server and client APIs, along with detailed API references with thorough guides.

  • SDKs. Our software development kits give you the freedom to build your own custom integration.

  • Docs. We provide simple and complete integration & usage instructions.

  • Callbacks. Be automatically notified of everything that happens to your transactions.

  • Create payout
  • Handle callback
  • create_payout ({
        "description":"Some goods",
  • handle ({
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