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Senior PHP Developer

Full-time Ukraine

Payment reconciliation service that imports transforms and compares transaction statements from different transaction participants - namely payment orchestration platforms and payment providers (merchants will be supported later on) The challenges of the project: * Processing of large amounts of data timely and efficiently, while the load is highly variable (ledgers of transactions are usually provided once a day). * Highly diverse input data due to multitude of payment methods and providers, absence of industry standards for exports of transaction data requires flexible tool to import data * Enhanced reconciliation settings are required to detect any conflict as soon as possible while avoiding false positives


  • PHP (7.4+) - 3 years minimum
  • Symfony framework 2 years +
  • Development experiences for 5 years
  • Test writing (phpunit, codeception, behat)
  • Database knowledge: transaction isolation levels, sharding, partitioning, different types of indexes, vacuum
  • Jira, Gitlab, Confluence, UML ninja
  • SOLID, KISS and DRY is not a buzzwords - it is mindset
  • Fantastic knowledge of SDLC
  • CI/CD - what a difference, how to configure
  • Docker - application packaging, optimizations, health checks
  • Orchestration tools - docker-compose, k8s, etc


  • Manage technical side of new project development
  • Decompose tasks and manage in Jira
  • Make requirements about team capacity and level
  • Take into account project specific needs and make all necessary action to achieve the

It will be +

  • Experience in ETL project
  • Data warehouse architecture
  • usage or similar software
  • Team Lead or Tech lead position

We offer:

  • Once a month we have a demo day, where each team, each direction and each department shares with the whole company the successes, tasks, news of the month, as well as tells how we are moving according to the planned strategy and plans for the future.
  • In our team, the new colleague, regardless of the level of skills, is necessarily steeply progressing in a variety of ways.
  • Professional growth.
  • The company has a financial manager and an accountant who help with all financial issues and record keeping.
  • Friendly team with love for memes.
  • Specialists from different departments take part in large-scale conferences and meetings in different parts of the world. The company also accompanies its employees and helps with travel, accommodation, meals and other expenses.
  • Each employee can easily communicate with the CEO, СТО, CОО, CBDO.
  • Corefy is always happy with new ideas and wishes, even the craziest, ready to discuss and engage in brainstorming.
  • Do you want more challenges and growth? The company will help financially with partial payment for trainings and courses in your specialization.
  • Hardcore projects and tasks.
  • Flexible 8-hour work schedule (start of the working day from 8:00 to 11:00).
  • Paid leave of 20 working days and 10 sick leave.

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