DevOps Engineer

Full-time Ukraine

Corefy is a universal feature-rich payment orchestration platform for online businesses and payment institutions. Our technical infrastructure includes a full set of tools for connecting and managing payment services, initiating and processing transactions, collecting and analysing payment data, and much more.


  • Experience with Linux.
  • Experience with Terraform, Terragrunt.
  • Experience with K8s, ArgoCD.
  • Experience with Grafana, Prometheus/VictoriaMetrics, and ELK/EFK monitoring stack.
  • Strong understanding of networking fundamentals (TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, etc.).
  • Knowledge of PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, and PHP-FPM.
  • Experience in deploying and diagnosing problems with PHP applications.
  • 3+ years of experience with DevOps practices.
  • 2+ years of experience with AWS.
  • Experience with CI/CD tools: GitHub actions, GitLab CI, etc.


  • Create resources for product teams.
  • Optimise the current infrastructure.
  • Organise stress testing.
  • Improvement of monitoring.
  • Checking the code of other team members.
  • Documentation of decisions.
  • Tuning and optimisation.
  • Duty shifting.

We offer:

  • Comfortable green office with panoramic terrace overlooking Kiev
  • Convenient office location 5 minutes from the metro Polytechnic Institute
  • A friendly open team, each employee can easily communicate with C-level directly
  • Professional growth, trainings and courses in your specialization.
  • Specialists from different departments take part in large-scale conferences and meetings in different parts of the world. The company also accompanies its employees and helps with travel, accommodation, meals and other expenses.
  • Corefy is always happy with new ideas and wishes, even the craziest, ready to discuss and brainstorm.
  • Decent and timely payment
  • Hardcore projects and tasks
  • Flexible 8-hour work schedule (start of the working day from 8:00 to 11:00)
  • Paid leave 20 working days and sick leave
  • Daily serving of vitamins from fresh fruit
  • Friday evenings will delight fans of board games, nintendo and playstation with a cool atmosphere, as well as cool get-togethers in good company.
  • Summer is a particularly pleasant season for us - because we have a whole roof at our disposal: we organize picnics, barbecue parties with lights, music and a romantic atmosphere.
  • Corporate parties, holidays, nature trips: rafting, paintball, etc.

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