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March 24, 2022

Corefy versions:
1.160, 1.159, 1.158, 1.157, 1.156, 1.155, 1.154, 1.153, 1.152, & 1.151

by Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

Cheery Greetings from the Corefy team!

Our dev team continues working on system polishing and enhancement. And over the past weeks, we have accumulated several updates and critical information for your attention.


Please be aware: from April 1, 2022

To optimise data storage, we're limiting the retention of transaction statements to 30 days.

Please be aware: from May 5, 2022

We're preparing to update the Batch payouts file format for data import and processing. We're replacing a semicolon ; as the separator for properties (service fields, metadata) in objects with a vertical bar |. The column separator will be dynamically defined by the first row (headers) so that you can use either commas , or semicolons ; (but not both types simultaneously).

You can download file examples at:

Also: from May 5, 2022

We're optimising the Reports, notably changing the column names and their sequence in the row. It may be further modified later if new columns are added. Therefore, to successfully recognise CSV files, you should parse them by the names of columns in the first row (headers).

Please check the changes in names and sequences below. ☟

Changes and differences in updated reports' column headers
Trial Balance report
RU, current sequence EN, current sequence EN, new sequence
День Date Date
Balance на начало периода Total Balance (Start of period) Currency
Active balance на начало периода Active Balance (Start of period) Total Balance (Start of period)
Reserved balance на начало периода Reserved balance (Start of period) Active Balance (Start of period)
Поступление (SALE) Net Incoming Volume Reserved Balance (Start of period)
Комиссия (SALE) Incoming Fees Net Incoming Volume
Вывод (PAYOUT) Net Outgoing Volume Incoming Fees
Комиссия (PAYOUT) Outgoing Fees Payment Invoices
Зарезервировано за период Reserved Payment Invoices Fees
Разрезервировано за период Unreserved Deposits
Balance на конец периода Total Balance (End of period) Transfers (incoming)
Active balance на конец периода Active Balance (End of period) Net Outgoing Volume
Reserved balance на конец периода Reserved Balance (End of period) Outgoing Fees
Валюта Currency Payout Invoices
Платежи Payment Invoices Payout Invoices Fees
Комиссия платежей Payment Invoices fees Withdrawals
Пополнения Deposits Transfers (outgoing)
Переводы (входящие) Transfers (incoming) Reserved
Выплаты Payout Invoices Unreserved
Комиссия выплат Payout Invoices fees Total Balance (End of period)
Списания Withdrawals Active Balance (End of period)
Переводы (исходящие) Transfers (outgoing) Reserved Balance (End of period)
Transactions report
RU, Current sequence EN, current sequence EN, new sequence
processed Date Date
type Type Type
status Status Transaction ID
reference_id Reference ID Reference ID
operation_id Transaction ID Serial number
serial_number Serial number Status
fee Fee Currency
amount Amount Amount
reserve_amount Reserve Amount Fee
balance Balance Reserve Amount
reserved_balance Reserved Balance Balance
currency Currency Reserved Balance
description Description Description
service_code Service Code Service Code
customer Customer Data Customer Data
customer_metadata Customer Metadata Customer Metadata
Organization Trial balance report

Please note that columns with bolded names in the 'New sequence' will be added to reports after the update.

RU, Current sequence EN, Current sequence EN, New sequence
Balance на начало периода Active Balance (Start of period) Date
Active balance на начало периода Active Balance (Start of period) Commerce Account ID
Reserved balance на начало периода Reserved balance (Start of period) Commerce Account Name
Поступление (SALE) Net Incoming volume Currency
Комиссия (SALE) Incoming fees Total Balance (Start of period)
Вывод (PAYOUT) Net Outgoing volume Active Balance (Start of period)
Комиссия (PAYOUT) Outgoing fees Reserved balance (Start of period)
Balance на конец периода Total Balance (End of period) Net Incoming volume
Active balance на конец периода Active Balance (End of period) Incoming fees
Reserved balance на конец периода Reserved balance (End of period) Payment Invoices
Зарезервировано за период Reserved Payment Invoices fees
Разрезервировано за период Unreserved Deposits
Валюта Currency Transfers (incoming)
Commerce ID Commerce Account ID Net Outgoing volume
Commerce name Commerce Account Name Outgoing fees
Payout Invoices
Payout Invoices fees
Transfers (outgoing)
Total Balance (End of period)
Active Balance (End of period)
Reserved balance (End of period)


In the details

Commerce update

API Keys generation section and overview

We've improved an approach to working with API keys to help you manage security and access issues. Now you can create different keys and provide access to integration functions at your own discretion.

To create new keys, go to CommerceAccount settingsIntegration. There are two separate sections: for the Private and Public APIs.

Create New

Creating new ones, pay attention to Test mode enabling or disabling and setting the key's lifetime because you won't be able to edit it later. Also, be prepared to have only one possibility (right after creation) to copy the created Private API key and save it on your devices.

Copy and save

Then, through the lists of all keys, you can manage keys, activate, or revoke them and change access to API endpoints.

Please note

For now, the maximum number of active keys for a Commerce account is 5.

The list of keys

Both previous (set in CommerceAccount settingsGeneral: Integration) and new keys can be used until we're sure all our clients get acquainted with all the changes.

Merchant profile data extended

We've also added new attributes for merchant profiles: IBAN and Legal entity ID. To set them up, go to CommerceProfile and edit Merchant profile (for processing parameters.

Merchant Profile

Displaying parameter for payout routing

A Route external ID is displayed and can be used in payout routing schemes for search.

Edit strategy

Card Gateway update

Added metrics for Payment routing

We've added new metrics about transactions to the list of attributes for payment routing and modifiers schemes:

  • Card week successful payments
  • Card month successful payments
  • Card week failed payments
  • Card month failed payments
  • Card week all payments
  • Card month all payments


Read more about optimising card payments with routing in the related article.

Added filtration by date of creation

From now on, you can filter lists by a date of creation in the following sections:

  • Payment Invoices
  • Payment Requests
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Payment Schemes

The list of payment requests

Logging and displaying interactions with payment providers

To improve the reconciliation process, we've added displaying Logs for payments and transactions.A list of recorded events' messages shows data with indicated DateTime and operation ID obtained from PSPs.

Payments logs

Click on the logline to expand the transaction details.

Customers' details extended in the Merchant portal

We've extended the list of attributes that can be transferred for customer records, both for Payments and Payouts invoices. The new attributes are optional and include country, region, city, address, and a postal code (ZIP code). If transferred, they will be displayed in Payment or Payout invoice overview and in the customer data section, where you can add new or edit existing data.

The list of params

You can check parameters and examples for transferring customer details on the Checkout reference page.

Organisation settings: access control

We've upgraded Organisation settingsAccess control: Manage members section, added enabled two-factor authentication as a displayed parameter, filters and search for users by name, email and member ID.

Team management

Other performance improvements

We've also released the major upgrade of the Dashboard activity log and extended the number of events logged. And vice versa, during the refactoring process, deleted the output of data that didn't have a functional purpose, such as the Routes column in the Payment routing schemes' list and the Public ZeroFee badge option in Commerce settings.

Stay tuned for the next updates!