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January 13, 2022

Corefy versions:
1.140, 1.139, 1.138, 1.137, 1.136, 1.135, 1.134, 1.133, 1.132, 1.131, & 1.130

by Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

Season's Greetings! And best wishes for 2022 from the Corefy team!

We continue growing our products. One of the leading news from the previous month is that the number of supported integrations with third-party payment providers and acquirers exceeded 150! Please look at the Connectors list; we hope you'll find the best solutions for your needs.

A special announcement

We've added two new routing strategies for payout schemes and card payment schemes as a part of the refactoring process:

  • Random that selects a random route from all relevant by filters,
  • and the default Blank strategy—just a processing stopper without parameters in case of the second branch conditions have no execution.

From February 1, 2022, we're also deprecating the Optimal strategy in all existing payout schemes and card payment schemes and replacing it with the Random because of the lack of efficiency. It shouldn't make any difference really, but we hardly recommend not to pick Optimal in schemes' creating from now on.


And let's check out other platform enhancements delivered in the latest releases!


List of changes

Dashboard UX updates

Search for the filters' parameters

If you struggle to find proper parameters and entities to filter data on the Dashboard, this update is just right for you. We've added the search feature for dashboard filter fields, so you don't have to scroll the whole list—type a part of the value and select ones from the dropdown.


Search and filters for addons

Another UX update we've prepared is for the Addons section: now, you can search addons by their names and filter them by the commerce accounts connected.

Search Filter

Betterments for the Provider hub section

We've made a bunch of updates in displaying the provider hub Connected accounts sections:

  • Added filters by statuses and by resolutions
  • Added the Show archived toggle (and filtered archived accounts by default)
  • Added the Status column to grids
  • Displayed connection dates in the deposit accounts' list.

The Deposit accounts list

And besides other things, we've hidden merchant accounts that have their counterparts in Card Gateway. We've also added the Show CardGate accounts toggle for helping you to find them if you need their data for peer-to-peer and OCT payment flows, or addons setup. In any other cases, it's more convenient to work with them from the related Card Gateway tab.

Reconnection of a merchant account with new credentials

Card gateway updates

Reconnect for Card gateway merchant accounts

We've added the possibility to update merchant accounts with new credentials. Go to the Card GateMerchant accounts section, select the correct entity and click the Reconnect button.

Reconnection of a merchant account with new credentials

New attributes for payment schemes

We've expanded the list of attributes for routing and modifiers schemes and added:

  • Card month turnover
  • Card week turnover
  • Customer successful payments
  • Customer failed payments
  • Customer all payments
  • Google Pay 3DS cryptogram exist

Read more about optimising card payments with routing in the related article.

New request parameters in the overview

You might have noticed that we added authorisation types parameters into payment requests and payments overview. Both determine which flow the transaction was managed by; the only difference is that the Initial auth type is obtained from the HPP (or directly from the host-to-host API connection) and displays the start steps of payment request processing. Meanwhile, the Auth type specifically shows how payment is passed to the provider.

Payment request overview

Payment overview

Extra reconciliation step for refunds

We found a case when data come asynchronously, and a payment request hangs on the refund_pending status in processing refunds. Thus, we've added this status to the list for mandatory reconciliation.

Google Pay integration updates

We started 2021 with implementing Google payments, and after that, we've done a lot of enhancements to make the Corefy Card gateway fully supports it. So, accept Google pay API Terms of service, obtain your unique merchant identifier, and be ready to start using direct Google pay integration through the paycoreio gateway.

Please get in touch with your Corefy account manager to get more details about and check connection possibilities for your organisation.

Merchant portal setup restrictions

From now on, the Merchant Portal is an entirely separate feature, both from a business and technical standpoint. Configuration and start options are available only when activated for your organisation account.

And again: don't hesitate to contact your account manager for further information and clarification.

Performance improvements

We've tuned up the engine and made some optimisation under the hood, so everything becomes better than before.

Stay with us: we've so much planned ahead!