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April 2, 2021

Corefy versions:
1.53, 1.52, 1.51, 1.50, 1.49, 1.48, 1.47, 1.46, & 1.45

by Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

Cheery Greetings from the Corefy team!

Our main priority for this month was streamlining, and we made a series of tiny decisions for code refactoring and bettering our products. Most of them go unnoticed, though we've also got changes to light up.


List of changes

Processing supplements

For payments

We added partially_charged_back along with partially_refunded to the payment status list. Both status types are considered final for now: but in future updates, we're going to add the possibility to request partial refunds until the transaction sum becomes zero equal.

Payment statuses

Updated scheme

For payouts

The requisite verification stage is an optional part of a transaction flow. But it's not always possible to examine requisite existence in a provider database due to data transport errors. Time and money can be lost, and to prevent such situations, we added the commerce option, which allows us to initiate skipping background verification at payout transaction processing.

Find this option in Commerce account settingsPayoutsPayout options and use with caution.

Commerce Options: Skip verify

Card Gate update

Suppose you didn't specify some feature at connection, but they are available for your account at the provider side. In that case, you don't need to reconnect but only go to its details, use the new option and edit features in the Dashboard (Card GateMerchant accounts).

Card Gate's merchant account update

Merchant Portal updates

Logo and favicon uploader

Now when you set up the merchant portal, you can upload its logo and favicon at once. Options aren't mandatory but helpful if you want to improve the portal's style.

The supported file formats:

  • Logo: .svg and .png
  • Favicon: .svg, .png, .ico

Logo and favicon uploader

Export usage update

We've improved the generation of the Exports based on the Portal user's timezone. So now, you don't need to manually add your time difference with UTC (default time value); just set the timezone in the user profile settings.

Performance improvements

We've also made various minor performance improvements and related bug fixes.

And that's all news for today. Stay tuned for the following updates!