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March 3, 2021

Corefy versions:
1.44, 1.43, 1.42, 1.41, 1.40, 1.39, 1.38, & 1.37

by Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

Cheery Greetings from the Corefy team!

Yes, as you have noticed, we changed our name from to Corefy and launched a new interactive website. You can visit it and, among other things, find reasons and details about our rebranding in the announcement.

And have a look at our Connectors page: the number of performed integrations with local and worldwide payment providers exceeded 100, and we continue to extend that list. Look it up; you might find the connection just right for you.

But no more time wasted: let's check out the platform enhancements delivered in the latest releases!


In the Details

Payout Gateway Update

We have expanded the list of available features for users with moderator access rights. Now they can resolve payout statement conflicts directly in the general view of a payout.

Resolve conflict button

Conflicts often result because provider statements may be received asynchronously. In such cases, a moderator can resolve the conflict to update the transaction status and obtain the latest relevant statement.

Extended Export Data Files

We added new columns to the export data files. You can find them in payment and payouts exports both in the Dashboard and Merchant Portal.

So, the payment exports additionally show:

  • processed amount
  • processed fee
  • processed deposit
  • processed reserve
  • refunded amount
  • charged back amount
  • charged back fee

Payment export example

And the payout exports get fields for:

  • processed amount
  • processed fee
  • processed write-off

Payout export example

Addons Editing

To simplify managing addons for dashboard users, we added an editing option to the Addon Overview. Now you can add and edit their names and descriptions (also displayed in the list of all available addons).

Addon updating

Performance Improvements

We continue working on platform betterment, so our dev team made minor system refactoring and bug fixes.

Stay tuned for the next updates!