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December 9, 2021

Corefy versions:
1.129, 1.128, 1.127, 1.126, 1.125, 1.124, 1.123, & 1.122

by Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

Cheery Greetings from the Corefy team!

This month we've worked on making our platform faster and more usable for you: just like we always do. We cleaned up behind the curtain, optimised processes, killed bugs, and added little extra things that made our platform more user-friendly.

Let's check it all out!


We're terminating supporting requests to the Commerce API endpoint /account from January 1, 2022. If you still obtain your balance data from these requests, we advise you to switch to /account/balances as soon as possible.

Get more details about in the Merchant Documentation.

List of changes

Commerce updates

Basic HPP URL in responses

We've improved the creating process for payment invoices from the Dashboard and the Commerce API. We added a new parameter hpp_url that contains a link to the payment page in the basic format: {commerce_site_url}/hpp/?cpi={payment_invoice_id}. You obtain it in the API response for invoice creation and also can check how it looks and feels on the DashboardCreate new payment invoice page.

Create an invoice

Got rid of legacy payout schemes

We've been planning to get rid of old payout schemes for quite some time. Now we've seen that all our clients have gone to new ones and eliminated the ability to create them in old patterns with a bit of tidying up the general user view of the Commerce scheme creating/editing window.

What changed
How it was previously And now

Card Gateway updates

Routing scheme revisions UX upgrade

We've revised the entire approach to saving edits of routing schemes called Revisions. Besides other things, our development team's optimised displaying saved revision entries and added possibilities to search them by the name of revision or by description.

You also may see the description (if it's filled in) and creation date as tooltips near the revision's name.

Revision updates

Full card details view (for PCI DSS certified organisations)

If you need to decrypt fuller details of the payer's card, you can now do it in the Card GatePayment request overview. Use the Card requisites button, be sure to specify a significant reason for the action, and view the whole card number, expiry date, and cardholder name (if the issuer hands it over).

Ask for card requisites

Add your reason


Remember that these are sensitive data, so assess the risks when assigning related permission to your associates.

Customer entries update

We've revised Customer data and extended the list of attributes that you can send in requests and save to the record from the Dashboard.

The object address is for storing this information in the API requests.

"address" {
    "full_address": "test address",
    "country": "GB",
    "region": "London",
    "city": "London",
    "street": "25 Cabot Square",
    "postcode": "E144QZ"

New entry view

We are gradually updating integrations with payment service providers so that you will be able to use these fields when transferring payment data.

Dashboard UX updates

We've added a multi-selection to all filters except those containing boolean and DateTime parameters' formats. And we also attached the Not in option for excluding irrelevant parameters' values.

So, use updated filters to view, analyse, and export transaction and accounts data.


Bug fixes and overall improvements

Whereas we continue growing platform quality and performance, we made several fixes for our products.

We also set up the feedback widget that you might notice in the Dashboard's footer. Our dev team asks for your help and advice to get an honest assessment of our product (without evaluation of support service or management) to improve its quality.

We don't want to be intrusive, so we only show it once a month. But if you choose to ignore it, the message will also not be repeated until the following month.

Thank you in advance, and stay tuned for the next updates!