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By Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

Happy Friday mood from!

We continue improving our platform. For this week release, we are delivering features focused in two areas: usability betterment and strengthen security.



List of Changes

Commerce Update

As the subsequent update to the Tokenization feature, we added a relevant property to the general payments options. So you can turn on it for all card payments to the chosen Commerce account, avoiding your having to check every creating invoice.


Layout Upgrade

Logs in Transactions

From now on, you can check interaction with merchant back-end applications and view details of sent requests and responses in the Logs list. Find this possibility in the Transactions' overviews.

Logs General Tab View

Logs Response View

New Filter for Payouts

If you need to search quickly all payout invoices for the specified payee, use a new filter. You can examine all possible payout details, such as card or phone numbers, account IDs, and so on.

Filtered payouts

Bug Fixes

It's taken a few tries of fixing especially annoying bugs, but now Payment Hub is better than it was.

Stay tuned!