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By Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

Happy Friday mood from!

We keep enhancing our products. And this week enhancements, like all the rest, have been prioritized to help you increase your daily efficiency and improve your client relationships.

Without further adieu, here’s what’s coming in the version 1.6.12!


List of Changes

Commerce Improvement

Option to Send Transaction Context in Return URL

Previously, as default, we added transaction context to the return URL. And you (and your customer) saw in the address line the set of characters kind of /?id=cpi_iYp7cZZWV8W2wQAV&serial_number=iWV8WW2wQAVwQAZ&amount=111.00... and so on, and so on. A bit tiresome, isn't it?

From now on, you can choose if you need this addition or prefer to simply display the return link. Toggle the option in the Commerce settings.

Send Operation Context

Card Gate upgrade

Payment Schemes' Features

The significant addition to payment functionality is the features for Payment schemes. Currently, you can control displaying to customers the Google Pay and Apple Pay possibilities for card payments, but we plan to expand the list of features.

Features tab

API update

Context Data for Payouts

Several providers demand to send additional information in payout requests such as expiry date along with the card number. We fixed that problem and added the context object to the payment_card method for payouts in which you can send all additional required data.

JSON snippet

        "card": {
            "exp_year": "2020"

Return URLs Variations

Unless you only want to use one general link for customers' return to your site, you can set different return URLs for different statuses and display relevant pages to your customers. Send object return_urls with desired statuses and links in the Payment Invoice.

JSON snippet

    "return_urls": {
        "success": "",
        "pending": "",
        "fail": ""

Pay attention: the return_urls object has a higher priority than a single return_url.

Performance betterment

Don't want to have another wordy talk about performance and bug fixing but, anyway, hope you notice the enhancement of the platform's productivity.

Stay tuned for the next updates!