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By Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

PayCore Payouts

Cheery Greetings from the team!

We work carefully to squash bugs and release new features. And here's an account of the improvements you can find in the latest release.


In the Details

Payout Gateway Update

We added the possibility to edit a Payout Request: change the number of attempts or allow partial processing.

But to enable it, firstly, the edited request should meet the following conditions:

  • It must remain in the initial or transitional status (created, ready, dispatching, or pending), so, you should pause processing the request by setting it on moderation
  • Also, if you want to allow partial transaction processing, the original Payout Invoice must have a split mode enabled

Edit the Payout Request

Once you have set new options, you can remove the request from moderation to continue processing.

Card Gate Update

We implement a powerful feature for card payment routing: the dynamic attributes. Now composing the route, you can set an attribute as variable and compare their values more flexibly.

The dynamic attribute is formed according to the scheme: {object.object.attribute}. So, for example, you can specify an attribute value as {customer.metadata.ip} and check if an expected Client IP, that is sent in customer metadata parameters, matches with that payment is made.

Metadata Client IP

Besides, we added the card_number attribute as an optional field for the payment_card_rub_hpp method.

Card number field

These data are used for connection with the ADGroup provider, and otherwise, you can leave the value empty.

Bug Fixes

We continued working on system enhancement and made related to this bug fixes.

Stay tuned for the next updates!