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By Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

PayCore Payouts

Welcome to the v1.22 release notes!

There you can get a quick overview of all new cool things we created in our products. But before going to them directly, we should make two important messages. Please be aware:

about using payment tokenisation feature

From November 3rd, 2020, the Private API stops to accept a recurrent attribute in the gateway_optionscardgate object in requests for write-off by a token. Instead of that, you should use an instant attribute.

            "test_mode": true,
                    "instant": true

about fraud prevention

We added status verify_failed to the Card Vaults. The attempt to create a Payment with such a card will be blocked by verifying before Routing, Cascading, Auto-repay, or Modifier checks, and the related Payment Request will receive the rejected status and card_verification_failed resolution. If you have a list of cards to block in your organisation scope, inform us so we can put the relevant statuses into the database.

List of Changes

In the Details

Batch Payouts' Upgrade

We have heeded your wishes to improve the batch payout tool, made massive refactoring, and added new attributes for a single item in the batch. Now you can add a customer and a customer_metadata objects to link your payments to the already entered clients' data, update them, or create a new entry.

Enter all objects' attributes separated by a semicolon (;). But keep in mind that in such case, the customer reference ID is mandatory to be specified.

Batch Example


Processed payouts

Updated customer object

Card Gate Update

Suppose you have several Commerce accounts and use Remember me option on their checkout pages. In that case, you'll probably need the possibility to have a common database for tokens and to share tokens between these accounts. So you make it easier for your clients to fill out payment forms on your websites.


This option is only available to accounts managed by the same organisation. Send us your request, and we set it up for you.

Also, we patched an issue with setting the Cyrillic cardholder names and added the transliteration algorithm to convert them to Latin. It won't cause you any more trouble with names recognising!

API Update

We have made a minor update to the scheme, and now API returns the Return URLs object in responses and callbacks (if it is not set, returns with null values).

Callback Example

Return URLs in a Callback

New Addon

We continue working on tailor-made solutions for your needs.

According to the requirements of the financial monitoring procedure, Ukrainian merchants are required to register all their transactions with the National Bank of Ukraine. So, our dev team has prepared the addon for registration and reporting of financial transactions and status to the NBU through licensed institutions.

Now it supports the registration as merchants and terminals of (for Payments and Payouts) and FlashPay (Payments), but the list of registrars can be expanded soon.

Bug Fixes

These weeks we also made a handful of bug fixes too small to mention.

Stay tuned for the next updates!