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By Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

PayCore Dashboard

Cheery Greetings from!

Today’s post features all the updates and enhancements you can find in our last update.


List of Changes

Refund Fee Option

Commerce accounts have a new option related to the refund process. Earlier, when you approved a refund request, the payment fee was withheld in any case and not returned to the account. Now our clients as providers can decide whether to cover the fee themselves or to pass it on to the consumer (the determination usually depends on the credibility of merchants, typical situations and reasons for the requests).

This option is not yet available in the Commerce settings from the Dashboard. Please contact our support team to customise it.

Payout Gateway Updates

We added a routing condition by Metadata to Payout Schemes in line with Payment Routing Schemes.

Payout Gateway routing by Metadata

Also, please take into account that the Payout can now be split into a maximum of 100 parts. We imposed this restriction to prevent situations where payments are split too small to meet the conditions set by some route.

Card Gate Improvements

Now you can view all connected features for the Merchant account in the General overview. This is especially convenient for accounts connected long ago whose a list of features are already forgotten a bit.

CG Features

We revised currently used card parameters and, accordingly, added new attributes for payment and payout routings. And now you can set up routes depending on a global card system or network (such as Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus), a card brand (such as Standard, Gold, or World), and a card type (debit, credit, prepaid).

A card brand attribute

Failover routing allows us to route payments if an error occurs on the way from a provider to an issuer. We have further improved the process; and now, when the card payment process fails with one of the auto-repeatable resolutions (such as access_denied, card_type_not_supported, or fatal_timeout), we send payment to retry but filter the route caused the error if the customer enters the same card data.

Additional Checkout Theme Options

Excellent news for our Hosted Payment Page users! From now on, you can customise your checkout process with more variables because HPP theme limit has been increased up to 20 options.

Reports Update

We added new columns for Reserved amounts and Reserved balances to the tables to make reports more informative. The update applies automatically to all reports created after July 10.

Bug Fixes

Our version 1.17 also contains bug fixes and different minor system improvements.

So that is all essential news for today. Stay tuned for the next updates!