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By Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

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Cheery Greetings from!

This release of the platform allows us to provide our users with enhanced account experience, including data export and analysis. Check the highlights to learn more about updates!


List of Changes

Platform UX Enhancements

The Payload for Deposit Account Balances and Limits

We added the possibility to obtain the payload for Deposit account balances. So now, if your provider sends additional information with the balance statistics, you can find it in the appropriate section: Connected accountsDeposit accounts.

Service Fields in the Payout Overview

From now on, we display all the service parameters specified when an invoice was created.

Payout Overview

Sort Records by Created

Now the sections have an additional parameter to sort the entries by creation date. Hope, users can navigate the records more convenient now.


P2P Actions

Now you have the opportunity to prioritize payment processing directly in the invoice list. After filtering by strategies, payments will be accepted for processing according to the set priority (for this, the value of priority should be higher than 0).

P2P Properties

You can also use this menu to send payments for manual moderation; thus, it is possible to block payments while dealing with complex cases, and the P2P decision-maker doesn't take these payments to initiate.

Additional Fields for Data Grid

Also, we boosted up data export and added Commerce Account ID (com_acc_id) and Commerce Account Name (com_acc_name) to the exported datasheets from the Deposits, Withdrawals, and Transfers sections.

Merchant Application Update

In extension to the previous update, we also added the API key selector to the basic configuration. The selector displays description labels of the actual existent keys.


You can create a new key, edit or revoke existent in the OrganisationSecurity settings: API keys.

New API Key

Stability Improvements

As usual, we put a lot of efforts to fix bugs and make stability improvements, and sure it's noticeable.


We have also reduced the time limit for dashboard user sessions to 30 days. But do not forget to check user security settings periodically, and revoke all sessions you cannot identify.

Stay tuned for the next updates!