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Released In 2020

This page contains a historical archive of all release notes for the Corefy updates in 2020.

To view more recent release notes, see the main page.

You also can follow us for the latest news and updates on @insidecorefy.

v1.27 22/12/2020

v1.26 08/12/2020

v1.25 24/11/2020

v1.24 10/11/2020

v1.23 27/10/2020

  • Card Gateway Betterments: added the OCT flow, MCC and Merchant URL options for commerce accounts, and restrict_saved_cards parameter for an invoice creation request
  • Commerce UI update of commerce service editing
  • Exports' changes: the time of creation and last update of transactions are displayed related to the user's timezone
  • Related bug fixes.

v1.22 16/10/2020

v1.21 30/09/2020

v1.20 15/09/2020

v1.19 01/09/2020

v1.18 19/08/2020

  • Dashboard UX Improvements: added bulk editing of commerce payment services, started to display transaction source in the Dashboard and the Merchant Portal, improved multiple sorting
  • Card Gate Update increased the Card Gate limit of the possible invoice amount up to 1,000,000,000
  • Bug Fixes

v1.17 04/08/2020

v1.16 07/07/2020

v1.15 23/06/2020

v1.14 09/06/2020

  • Commerce Enhancements: added possibility to withhold part of the funds before releasing to the merchant and to include the minimum required balance for the currency account; restrictions on transfers between commerce accounts, and resolutions related to payout schemes usage
  • Merchant Application update: added custom roles to account settings and the session limit to Merchant Portal configuration
  • Card Gate Update: added metadata modifier, a cap limit increase to 100,000 UAH for payouts; ; bank transfers can be used for manual payouts
  • And other minor performance improvements

v1.13 14/05/2020

v1.12 10/04/2020

  • Commerce Improvements: added Reference ID for Commerce Accounts, Autoprocess and P2P-firstly strategy to the Payouts options, enabled process pending transactions from the Dashboard, added custom favicons for HPP
  • Bug Fixes

v1.11 25/03/2020

v1.10 11/03/2020

v1.9 28/02/2020

v1.8.5 21/02/2020

v1.8.0 14/02/2020

v1.7.6 07/02/2020

v1.7.1 31/01/2020

v1.6.12 24/01/2020

v1.6.1 17/01/2020

v1.5.21 10/01/2020

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