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By Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

Again we have reviewed our release on a Friday, the 13th, but we are not superstitious (and hope, neither are you).

Happy Friday mood from!

This week our dev team has been working on simplifying and swiftness of integration with connectors. Above all, we updated connection forms with several payment providers (these changes wouldn't affect existing connections, only new ones).

To find out about other relevant updates, check the information below.



  • Card Gate: changed data-handling algorithms for transactions in pending status
  • Merchant App: updated screens in account settings, finalized Russian and Ukrainian localisations
  • Performance improvements: we are doing our best to help you!

All Changes

Card Gate Update

We improved data-handling algorithms for transactions in pending status. If card payment was stuck in pending for reasons beyond our control (such as cart abandoning), we would change its status into process_failed upon expiry.

Merchant App Update

We have audited the Account Settings section of the Merchant App and removed all unnecessary options and settings that could be updated only from the provider dashboard.

Also, now you can switch to the Russian or Ukrainian localisation in your profile settings and feel confident about using them.

Performance Improvements

We continue working hard on system betterment and made various bug fixes.

Stay tuned for the next updates!