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By Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

Cheery Friday greetings from!

This week we have worked on making our platform faster and more usable for you: like we always do. We cleaned up behind the curtain and optimized internal processes. And also killed bugs and added little extra things that made our platform more user-friendly.


Dashboard's view

List of Changes

Commerce Enhancements

Extended Resolution List

List of possible payment resolutions was refined and further detailed.

Payment invoices


A payment or payout resolution determines a request status to the payment provider's API. And, if it is not ok, describes a reason why the payment process is failed or stuck in pending.

Bulk Callbacks

If you need a massive update of transaction statuses, you can send bulk callbacks. Find this feature in the CommerceCommerce accountsMaintenance. Choose a type of invoices that are required to update. Specify period: from an hour up to 2 days.

Bulk Callbacks

You can point out the custom date but keep in mind that callbacks' lifetime is up to 14 days.

Merchant App Update

If payment invoice is paid by card, extended card data will be sent in the payload object in callbacks and shown in the General section of payment details (previously, this option was enabled only in provider's dashboard).

Card Data

Bug Fixes

We also made various bug fixes. Hope, we caught them sooner than they had a chance for irritating you.

Stay tuned!