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By Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

Happy Friday mood from! We started November with massive performance enhancements.

Our dev team is working hard on the search optimising and overall improvements in platform productivity, and we already have encouraging results. Besides, we haven't connected new payment providers this week but updated protocols with a bunch of maintained providers, such as XPay, ePay, Interkassa, etc.

To check other notable updates, please read the information below.



List of Changes

Commerce Updates

Merchant Portal tab

We added new tab to the Administration settings where you can configure initial settings of the application.

Merchant Portal

Callbacks' Lifetime

From now on callbacks are stored on a server for up to 14 days, therefore, if you need data about the payment after that period, send new callbacks from Payment or Payout gateway sections.


Card Gate Betterment

Payouts with the tokenized card

As a follow-up to the previous update, we added the possibility to make payouts by tokens. If you tokenize card number and keep the resulting token, you can use it instead of the full card number.

But notice, if you post both parameters in the request, card_number will have a priority over token.

Bug Fixes

Bugs invariably follow any improvements, but we always prevent or find and fix them. So, if you want to help in our fights, feel free to contact us via e-mail or Jira service desk.

Stay tuned for the next great updates!