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By Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

Happy Friday [the 13th] mood from!

We don't believe in superstitions and hope you don't, either. Because we have so many things to celebrate today! It's Programmers' Day, and my own Birthday, and certainly the fresh release of the platform. So hurray for version 1.0!

We can name a stable product in the continuous growth stage now. Inevitably, there will be less of some epic modifications and feature updates but our dev team is focusing on core streamlining and system improvement.

Don't forget to upgrade!


All Updates

Commerce enhancements

New events added to the Activity Log. Track account history of changes in the details now!

Activity Log

Set up Payment Retry user attempts in the Commerce section → Commerce account settings → Card Gateway OptionsRetry limit.

Set up Cascading attempts in the same section:

And routing rules for Cascading in the Card Gate section → Routing SchemesCascading:

Test Environment Upgrade

In addition to Test Mode, we added Test card numbers for trying out Card Gate settings. Use them and their combination with expiry dates' values and check different status responses.

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Remember to use Test Mode to process any test transactions.

Performance improvements

Our top priority for the near future is stabilizing and facilitating connectivity so we put all attention to the improvements and bug fixing.

Stay tuned!