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By Dmytro Dziubenko, Chief Technology Officer

Happy Friday mood from!

Our dev team continues working on system enhancements, and here are short notes about features which are now live for existing customers.


  • Commerce upgrade: advanced search and new filters for payment and payout screens. Also, additional options of batch payouts were moved to the account settings
  • Bug fixes. A batch of irritating bugs was found and cleared!

All Updates

Commerce upgrade

We improved the usability of our platform. Last upgrades are connected with both PayCore Dashboard and Merchant portal: we have increased opportunities for searching through payment and payouts operations. Now you have an expanded set of filters and can combine them for the most accurate result.

Do you familiar with our batching payouts service? It is purposed for sending a high number of payouts in a few mouse clicks.

And if you find it useful, you ought to know that we changed the location of its Options block. From now, block was moved into Commerce settings, so you no longer need to set up them every time you send the batch—only have to get it right once.

Performance Improvements

Of course, we fixed several irritative bugs and now hope, you mentioned the enhancement of the platform's productivity!