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Payout Gateway: Payouts


Payout — refers to the financial return or monetary disbursement of investment or annuity.


Payout Workflow

Payout status


Payout status — is a property, based on which it can be unambiguously stated at what stage the payout is.

Payout Statuses are divided into TWO groups in the context of their level of completion.

  • Final : means, that current status is the last (in current flow)
  • Intermediate: means, that paycout can go into another state after current
Code Final Description
CREATE_FAILED Payout was not created. Using for Pauout Request section
CREATED Payout was successfuly created
READY Payout is ready to be processed.Depending on the autoprocess field value payout waits command for processing (autoprocess is TRUE) or manual processing (autoprocess is FALSE)
TERMINATED User refused the entering of additional information and finished the payout
EXPIRED Payout operation is expired
INVOKING Payout is registered by payment provider
INVOKE_FAILED Failed to register a payout on the side of payment provider
PROCESSING Payout is processing by payment provider
PENDING Payout was created by payment provider and is waiting for resolution
PROCESSED Payout was successfuly processed
PARTIALLY_PROCESSED Payout was successfuly processed with part of amount
PROCESS_FAILED Payment provider could not process the transaction
CANCELLING Payout is cancelling
CANCELLED Payout was cancelled
CANCEL_FAILED Payout cancelling faliled
REVOKING Payout is revoking
REVOKED Payout was revoked
REVOKE_FAILED Payout revoke failed

Payout Resolution

Payout resolution - the status of the request to the API of the payment provider and, in general, can be successful (OK) or not successful (for example, INVALID_REQUEST, FORBIDDEN_IP, SIGNATURE_ERROR),

The resolution explains why the payout is in this status and, in fact, is the code (or group of codes) of the error that occurred when requesting the payment provider API.

Code Description
OK Request completed successfully
ERROR GROUP not final resolution, needed to determining
CONNECTION_ERROR(NOT 200) Transport level error. Example: Invalid SSL certificate, HTTP 5**, 4**, 3**
PROVIDER_INTERNAL_ERROR Error on Payment provider side. For example: 500 Internal Server Error
CONNECTION_TIMEOUT_ERROR Request time limit exceeded
GENERAL_ERROR General not critical error
UNKNOWN Any other resolution missing in mapping
FATAL ERROR GROUP final resolution
INVALID_DETAILS Invalid payout details
INVALID_REQUEST The protocol may have changed and/or the extension is outdated
REQUEST_ERROR An error occurred while processing the request by the payment provider. Invalid data passed.
INVALID_AMOUNT Invalid payout amount. Amount format or route limits violation.
INVALID_METHOD Invalid payout method
INVALID_CREDENTIALS Invalid authentication data
FORBIDDEN_IP Forbidden IP. Perhaps you did not register Corefy IP addresses in Whitelist.
SIGNATURE_ERROR Signature verification error. Perhaps key was changed or it is outdated.
DUPLICATED_ID Operation ID already exists
INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS Insufficient funds for payout
ANTIFRAUD_ERROR Payout did not pass the fraud test
DECLINED_ERROR Operation rejected by provider. Unknown reason.
RECIPIENT_NOT_FOUND Payout Recipient not found
INVALID_RECIPIENT Payout Recipient is invalid or inaccessible
LIMIT_VIOLATION Payout limits violation
INTERNAL_ERROR System error. Internal Corefy error.
ACCESS_ERROR There are not enough permissions to perform the operation. Check the configuration in the payment provider.
ACCESS_DENIED User is not authorized to perform these actions
GENERAL_FATAL_ERROR Critical error. Further processing of the operation is meaningless.
OPERATION_EXPIRED Operation is expired
PROCESSING_ERROR Processing error


Any resolution from the ERROR GROUP transfers the payout to the moderation required state and it will not be processed by the processor.

Concept Difference

The difference between these concepts lies in the fact that status is a property of the payout, and resolution relates to all sub-operations and has an explanatory meaning of the cause of the error that occurred during the processing of this request.