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Payout Gateway: Payout Requests



Payout request - is an operation for abstraction from route and payout. It allows dynamic routing and failover for payouts.

Payout Request Event - event log for a specific request for payout. Gives detailed information about the process for requesting payout.


Payout Request Workflow

Payout Request Status

Payout Request status — is a property, based on which it can be unambiguously stated at what stage the payout request is.

Same to Payout, Payout Request status has final property, which can be true (Yes) or false (No), and sleep - which explains if operation can wait in certain status to be modified manualy.

Code Final Description
CREATED The operation validated at the initial stage and successfully created
DISPATCHING The operation is being processed
EXPIRED The operation has expired
FAILED Failed transaction
PENDING The operation is pending for processing
PARTIALLY_PROCESSED The operation has been partially processed
PROCESSED The operation was processed successfuly
READY The operation is ready for processing
WAITING_DETAILS Waiting for transaction details